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In order to truly experience the Mater Dei spirit, students enrolled in grades 7 and 8 are invited to join us for a day of school!  By shadowing a knight, which includes attending classes, enjoying lunch, touring the campus, and receiving a shirt, students gain valuable insight into life at Mater Dei.  Accept our invitation today and enjoy a day with the Mater Dei family!


“Before participating in the Shadow a Knight program, we each had mixed emotions about attending Mater Dei.  However, we agree that when we shadowed, we were able to experience aspects of Mater Dei that we could never learn by reading a brochure.  For example, we saw how teachers taught and how students interacted with each other, received answers to our questions, and enjoyed lunch.  (The tater tots were amazing!)  Overall, we were able to experience life as a Mater Dei student.  The day was enjoyable and made a positive difference.  We strongly recommend shadowing a knight!”
Carley Emig, Ellen Nuxoll, and Madelyn Vogelbacher; Class of 2023; Highland


To schedule a day to shadow a knight, please contact Mrs. Maria Zurliene, Director of Enrollment (618-526-7216 or

Note that we do not schedule shadowing on the following days during the 2020–2021 school year (due to no school, early dismissal, or semester exams): September 4 and 7; October 9 and 12; November 11, 26, and 27; December 18 through 31; January 1, 2, 3, 15, and 18; February 12, 15, and 26; March 1 and 26; April 1, 2, 5, and 30; and after May 17.

Like our students, shadows are required to wear a mask for the duration of their visit (except while enjoying lunch.) 



Selection of a Knight  You may shadow a knight of your choice or request the selection of a knight with similar interests.

Transportation  You are welcome to arrange transportation to Mater Dei or to ride the applicable bus to and/or from Mater Dei.  Students living outside the Central Community High School district are welcome to ride the Mater Dei bus which serves their area.  Specifically, we provide bus transportation east to Salem, north to Highland, south to Mt. Vernon, and west to I-64/Air Mobility Drive.

Dress Code  Our students wear polo shirts or sweatshirts with a Mater logo, and black, khaki, or navy pants.  Therefore, we kindly request that you do not wear jeans.

Schedule  Our school day begins at 8:10 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m.  Please arrive at the main office at 8:00 a.m. to meet your knight.  In addition to observing classes and enjoying lunch, you will receive a personal tour of the campus.

Lunch  Lunch is on us!  Our daily selection includes a “traditional” lunch that varies daily, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, tator tots, salad, fruit, nachos, chips, dessert snacks, ice cream, milk, fountain beverages (soda, lemonade, tea, Powerade), and water.  (For chips, dessert snacks, and ice cream, please bring $2.)  On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, we also serve pizza.  Please note that a microwave is available if you choose to bring your lunch.

Reading Material  In case you visit a class in which the students complete a test, please bring a book or an electronic device with reading material.

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