Senior Awards 2023-2024

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On May 16, 2024, following the Senior-Parent Mass, the administration and faculty recognized members of the Class of 2024 at the Senior-Parent Banquet.  We congratulate not only the students, but also their families, on their achievements in academics and extracurricular activities!


Senior Academic Awards

Business Department
Accounting: Elijah Kohrmann and Avery Pingsterhaus
Marketing: Avery Pingsterhaus
Small Business Management: Landon Grapperhaus

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Catholic Healthcare Award
Ana Avalos and Alayna Benhoff

Computer Science Department
Coding: Wil Harris
Networking: Urban Stark

English Department
English Composition 101 and 102: Alayna Benhoff, Avery Pingsterhaus, and Olivia Wolden

Fine Arts Department
Advanced Drawing & Design: Aubrey Durbin and Brady Reynolds

Foreign Language Department
Spanish 101: Dominic Hagan and Brady Reynolds
Spanish 102: Garrett Arentsen, Zach Tebbe, and Simon Toennies

Home Economics Department
Culinary Arts: Emma Eversgerd and Brianna Noud
Sewing I: Emma Eversgerd, Grace Huelsmann, Brianna Noud, Reese Strubhart
Sewing II: Katie McElhose and Ashley Ramos

Industrial Education Department
Building Trades II: Ben Morris and Dawson Rudolphi
Drafting: Kristen Gerdes and Daniel Goring
Shop (Woodworking): Justin Foppe

Mathematics Department
Finite Mathematics: Ava McSparin, Simon Toennies, Anderson Wilke, and Trenton Zeeb
Statistics: Carson Dorries, Emma Johnson, Reese Strubhart, and Coryn Toennies
Trigonometry: Karan D’Souza
Calculus: Avery Pingsterhaus

Physical Education Department
P.E. IV: Audrey Clark and Garrick Winkeler
Weightlifting & Conditioning: Dawson Rudolphi and Dalton Timmermann

Science Department
Anatomy & Physiology: Cameron Foster
Biology II: Cameron Foster
Chemistry II: Daniel Goring and Olivia Wolden
Physics Honors: Trent Becker and Alayna Benhoff

Social Studies Department
Current World Issues: Gabe Schlimme and Garett Zurliene
Global Studies: Gabe Schlimme
Modern American History: Simon Toennies
Rules for Life: Elise Etheridge and Anderson Wilke
Early Childhood Development: Emily Ess, Danica Helmkamp, Cecelia Richter, and Coryn Toennies
Psychology 100 (Lifespan Growth & Development): Brianna Noud and Avery Pingsterhaus
Psychology 101 (General Psychology): Grace Huelsmann and Jillian Kloeckner

Theology Department
Youth Faith Formation (PSR) Catechists: Emily Ess and Cecelia Richter
Theology IV: Ryann Becker, Elise Etheridge, Wil Harris, Reese Kalmer, Katie McElhose, Ashley Ramos, and Garett Zurliene


Senior Extracurricular Activities Awards

Chorus: Alayna Benhoff and Austin Cook

Fall Play: Garrett Arentsen, Noah Jourdan, and Brady Reynolds

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America): Avery Pingsterhaus and Simon Toennies

FFA: Bradley Huelsmann

Liturgical Music Group: Austin Cook

Liturgical Planning Group: Ryann Becker and Samantha Muscarello

Marketing Club: Kristen Gerdes and Katie McElhose

St. Vincent de Paul Society: Alayna Benhoff and Daniel Goring

Scholar Bowl: Garrett Arentsen and Dominic Hagan

Sisters in Christ: Ryann Becker and Coryn Toennies

Spanish Club: Cameron Foster and Olivia Wolden

Spring Musical: Austin Cook, Kristen Gerdes, and Bradley Huelsmann

Student Ambassadors: Emily Ess, Cecelia Richter, and Garett Zurliene

Student Council: Samantha Muscarello and Simon Toennies

Teens for Life: Alayna Benhoff and Ava McSparin

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