Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have addressed the most common questions from both students and parents.

Of course, should you have additional questions, please contact Mrs. Maria Zurliene, Director of Enrollment – no question is too small!

Mrs. Maria Zurliene
Director of Enrollment
work: 618-526-7216, ext. 105


FAQ - Students

Friends: How will I meet people?  Will I make friends?
When surveyed, our freshmen consistently report that meeting new people and making new friends are two of their favorite aspects of attending Mater Dei.

Recognizing that high school is filled with new experiences, we, as a school community, focus on assisting freshmen with their transition. In May, we host a Freshman Welcome to provide the opportunity for freshmen to meet their new classmates. To begin the school year, freshmen experience two unique events: a freshmen-only first day and an overnight freshmen lock-in led by the faculty and seniors. Throughout the year, the freshmen meet monthly with their mentor group, which includes classmates from various towns. Our administration and faculty also observe and communicate with students on a continual basis.

Academics: Will I receive assistance, if necessary?  Will I maintain good grades?
The members of our faculty take pride in working with all students to assist them in achieving success. As a result, our teachers help students before school, during the daily school-wide study hall, and after school.  In fact, when surveyed, our freshmen consistently report that our teachers are one of their favorite aspects of attending Mater Dei.  In addition, our students may request a peer tutor, who will provide additional assistance during specific daily school-wide study halls.  Finally, PlusPortals, our interactive web portal, provides academic reports, allowing students and parents to monitor academic progress.

Extracurricular Activities: Will I be interested?  How will I join?
We believe that extracurricular activities play an important role in the lives of our students, for they provide an opportunity for students to explore, to develop, and to share their gifts and talents.   Thus, we are proud to offer twenty-nine activities and eighteen athletic programs.

Aside from athletics, numerous activities hold meetings during the daily school-wide study hall, thereby minimizing, and at times eliminating, the need for meetings after school hours.  Moreover, our students are then able to participate in multiple activities.

At the recommendation of past students, we provide our incoming freshmen with our Extracurricular Activities Guide, which lists the moderator(s) of and descriptions of our activities and athletics.  We also host an activities fair during the second week of school, during which students may sign-up for activities and receive information from current members.


“As members of St. Vincent de Paul Society and Teens for Life, my peers and I are able to serve others through events such as prayer vigils, Marches for Life, and our Walk for the Poor.  I am grateful that Mater Dei offers numerous opportunities for me to live out Jesus’ mission and to strengthen my faith.
Benjamin Miller, Class of 2023, St. Dominic Catholic Church, Breese

“With an environment that promotes and encourages students to achieve their best, Mater Dei is a remarkable place for academics. The faculty challenges students in their classes, and students strive to attain high goals. Mater Dei’s academic environment truly values the success of students and prepares them for the next level of education.”
Logan Mattson, Class of 2021, St. Boniface Catholic Church, Germantown

“Mater Dei offers the opportunity to participate in multiple activities. Personally, I participate in both band and athletics. The band directors and coaches are very supportive and willing to “split” practices when a conflict arises. Additionally, serving as a member of multiple activities has helped me develop leadership skills, time-management skills, and a variety of friendships.”
Ellen Antonacci, Class of 2021, St. Dominic Catholic Church, Breese

“As a student who enjoys learning, I appreciate the dedication of the teachers at Mater Dei. They take the time to know their students, academically and personally, and challenge their students to push themselves. Also, the teachers are flexible when arranging a time to discuss my questions. I know I will be well prepared for the future!”
Trina Brokering, Class of 2021, St. George Catholic Church, New Baden



“As a student commuting from a town 30 miles from Mater Dei, starting high school was a very daunting experience for me. However, the Mater Dei community is welcoming, which helped relieved my stress and fear.  With several activities and sports available, I became involved and quickly made friends.  Mater Dei has something for everyone!  In addition, Mater Dei hosts a Freshman Welcome in the spring and a first day for only freshmen at the start of the year.  These events bring the freshman class together and make the transition to high school easier.  My experience at Mater Dei was certainly worth traveling the distance!”
Faith Rackers, Class of 2020, St. Clare Catholic Church, O’Fallon
currently attending University of Missouri

“From the amazing friendships to the numerous academic opportunities, Mater Dei provided me with an incredible high school experience that was better than I ever could have imagined!  Because I spent a lot of time there for school, practices, and events, Mater Dei became my home away from home, and the Mater Dei community became my second family. As a result, I never felt alone because there was always someone there for me no matter what I needed, whether it was a friend, faculty member, or coach.  I also know my dream of becoming an engineering student at U of I became a reality because Mater Dei teachers challenged me to become the best version of myself.  I can confidently say that even though I was sad to move on, I know Mater Dei prepared me for the next stages of my life."
Meredith Innes, Class of 2020, St. Damian Catholic Church, Damiansville
currently attending University of Illinois


FAQ - Parents

Tuition Assistance: Does Mater Dei provide tuition assistance for families?
Recognizing the varied financial resources of our families, our school board and administration are committed to providing tuition assistance to families who possess a strong desire to join the Mater Dei family.  Thus, families may apply annually for memorial grants, which we offer to all families who qualify financially.  Additionally, we encourage families to apply for scholarships (academic, leadership, and need-based) offered by Mater Dei, their parish, or their school.  For additional information, please visit our “Scholarships and Tuition Assistance” page.

Transportation: Will our family’s limited means of transportation limit our child’s participation in athletics and activities?
Aside from athletics, numerous activities hold meetings during the daily school-wide study hall, thereby minimizing, and at times eliminating, the need for meetings after school hours.  In addition, when waiting after school for activities or athletics, students are welcome to remain on campus and utilize the library and the Lampe Commons (student center).  In fact, on a daily basis, we observe students studying and relaxing with peers or preparing a snack (vending machines and microwaves are available in the Lampe Commons).  Finally, families often develop carpools, thereby reducing the travel obligation for each family.

REMINDER: For travel to and from school (not extracurricular activities), we provide free transportation for students living outside the Central Community High School district: east to Salem, north to Highland, south to Mt. Vernon, and west to Route 4 (Mobil) and I-64/Air Mobility Drive.  (Routes may change due to the demographics of our students.)

Academics: Can Mater Dei meet the academic needs of my child?
We offer a comprehensive, multi-level curriculum that provides all students, including those needing academic accommodations, the opportunity both to challenge themselves and to achieve success by enrolling in the level of courses that meets their needs.  More importantly, recognizing that a child’s academic needs vary by discipline, we do not “track” our students.  In addition, during the daily school-wide study hall, our students possess the opportunity to receive additional assistance from their teachers and/or peers.  Finally, we are proud to offer PlusPortals, our online link between school and home, which provides parents and students the opportunity to view academic reports and to communicate with teachers, thereby ensuring our ability to work hand-in-hand with parents for the benefit of our students.


“With a current student and two graduates, we are proud members of the Mater Dei family.  For our daughters who graduated, now a pharmacist and a nurse, the dual credit courses offered at Mater Dei prepared them for college-level course work and gave them an advantage.  Moreover, the dedication and availability of the faculty, as well as the one-on-one college counseling, contributed to their success.  Our children are who they are partly because of the core values Mater Dei represents and instills in her students.  We are forever grateful and truly blessed!”
Monica and Michael Mensing, parents of Maddy ‘13, Melanie ‘16, and Maggie ‘22

“Our decision to send our children to Mater Dei is one we take very seriously. Our family, as a whole, has made many sacrifices in order to afford the quality education that Mater Dei has provided our children. The environment that the administration, faculty, and staff provide all the students makes Mater Dei a special place and worth the investment.  We have always believed the value of what we receive is worth more than the cost!  We encourage parents to consider not only the educational benefits, but also, and more importantly, that Mater Dei nurtures the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and social growth of the students."
Mark and Allison Cowgill, parents of Adam ‘12, Molly ‘13, Caroline ‘15, Susy ‘18, Ben ‘22, Catey ‘23, Becca ‘25, and Maribeth ‘30