Calendar Sync – Mac (iCloud)

  Open the Calendar app, choose File > New Calendar Subscription. Copy/paste the MD-URL, then click Subscribe. Enter a name for the calendar and choose a color to help you...   Read More

Calendar Sync – iPhone or iPad

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap Accounts & Passwords. Under the Accounts section, tap Add Account. Tap Other. Under Calendars, tap Add Subscribed Calendar. Copy/paste the...   Read More

Calendar Sync – Google

On your computer, open Google Calendar. On the left, next to “Other calendars,” click Add   From URL. Copy/paste the MD-URL address in the field provided. Click Add calendar. The calendar will appear...   Read More

Calendar Sync – Outlook Web

In Mail, at the bottom of the page, select to go to Calendar. In the navigation pane, select Import calendar. Under Import calendar, select From web. Under Link to the...   Read More

Calendar Sync – Outlook Desktop

In Outlook, click File > Account Settings > Account Settings. On the Internet Calendars tab, click New. Copy and paste the MD-URL above, and click Add In the Folder Name...   Read More

Calendar Drive

Since the 1985-1986 school year, the annual Mater Dei Calendar Drive has played a vital role in our fundraising efforts. This fundraiser, the only fundraiser for which we request participation by all students, supports the Mater...   Read More

Knight Club

The Knight Club provides donors with the opportunity to support Mater Dei and her students and to receive numerous benefits throughout the academic year, including admission to athletic events, various...   Read More

Advancement – Planned Giving

Planned gifts encompass a variety of charitable giving methods that allow donors to integrate their charitable, family, financial, and personal goals.  Moreover, planned gifts often provide valuable tax benefits. When...   Read More

Advancement – Memorials

When a family designates Mater Dei Catholic High School or the Mater Dei Foundation as the recipient of memorials made in the name of their loved one, the Mater Dei...   Read More

Advancement – Annual Fund

The success of the Annual Fund, the major source of revenue for Mater Dei Catholic High School,  is a direct result of the commitment of a variety of constituents who...   Read More

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