Students of the Week: November 2020

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Congratulations to senior Rhett Timmermann, our Student of the Week for the week of November 2!  In his nomination, Introduction to Agriculture teacher Deacon Glenn Netemeyer stated, “Rhett is extremely helpful with the class and completes his work with a good-natured attitude. He is very respectful and thoughtful when interacting with his classmates, and he is always ready to talk about the life of the farm, which is very helpful in an agriculture class.  Thus, I am extremely proud to nominate Rhett, as he is certainly deserving!”  Rhett is the son of Dennis and Pam Timmermann of Carlyle and a member of St. Mary Catholic Church in Carlyle.


Congratulations to senior Kyusang Lee, our Student of the Week for the week of November 9!  In her nomination, theology teacher Mrs. Celia Kannall stated, “I am delighted to recognize Kyusang Lee as Student of the Week. What has earned this honor for Kyusang is his willingness to take initiative and his thoughtful attention to detail. Kyusang often stays after school to go over notes with me, and he never hesitates to reach out when a concept or teaching of the Church appears vague or unclear to him. He is very thoughtful and respectful, and I’m happy to recognize him for his efforts!”  As an international student from South Korea, Kyusang lives with Ted and Geri McGee while attending Mater Dei.


Congratulations to senior Maddy Priebe, our Student of the Week for the week of November 16!  In his nomination, industrial education teacher Mr. Doug Denaro stated, “Maddy is a conscientious and attentive student.  She takes the initiative to begin working on her project immediately upon entering class.  When she has downtime from her project, she begins sweeping and putting away tools.  Moreover, during this time of increased safety measures, Maddy always wears her mask in place and never needs reminding to maintain social distancing or to use hand sanitizer.  Maddy is truly an asset to my class, and I appreciate her cooperation and enthusiasm!”  Maddy is the daughter of Edmund and Susan Priebe of Belleville and a member of St. Teresa Catholic Church.


Congratulations to senior Chris Kalmer, our Student of the Week for the week of November 23!  In his nomination, mathematics teacher Mr. Terry Killen stated, “Chris is currently in my Finite Math class, in which we have studied the basics of the stock market, compound interest investments, and loans.  What I have appreciated about Chris as a student is that he, on several occasions this semester, has taken the concepts he learned in my classroom and extended them into his world, where he continues to ask questions and learn from others.  I firmly believe that Chris will have a bright financial future because he is truly learning the material!”  Chris is the son of Steve and Barbara Kalmer of Damiansville and a member of St. Damian Catholic Church.


Congratulations to freshman Avery Pingsterhaus, our Student of the Week for the week of November 30!  In her nomination, science teacher Mrs. Candice Knef stated, “It is a pleasure to recognize Avery!  What I find truly inspiring about Avery is her kindness towards her peers and her willingness to step in and help anyone at any time.  Avery is always the first to jump out of her seat and help a classmate when they have been absent and are a bit behind, or when they are just simply having a harder time grasping a concept in class.  She jumps in to assist without being asked, with no judgement, and with such sincerity in her heart.  She truly enjoys encouraging and supporting her classmates, and my classroom is a better place because of her. Thank you, Avery!”  Avery is the daughter of Troy and Stephanie Pingsterhaus of Aviston and a member of St. Francis Catholic Church.

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