Human Sundae Challenge Raises $2,143.15

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During Catholic Schools Week, the Mater Dei community joined together for the benefit of those in need, raising $2,143.15 for Mochileando 100×35, a grass-roots organization providing assistance to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.  As a result, fifteen administrators and faculty members became human sundaes at the hands of students at our Catholic Schools Week pep rally.  Needless to say, the event was messy, but quite memorable!

Principal Mr. Dennis Litteken is pictured as he was “sundaed” by Jason Koerkenmeier and Kendall Bowman (not pictured).

Mrs. Emily Timmermann (left) and Mr. Daniel Litteken (right) are pictured as they were “sundaed” by (back, from left) Connor Vogel, Jillian Tonnies, Alyse Wilken, Samantha Mansfield, and Allison Vonder Haar.

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