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Sr. Miriam Coovert Scholarship

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Mater Dei students who were awarded the Sr. Miriam Coovert Scholarship for the 2011-2012 school year were Markie Johnson, Dalton Abert, Lauren Koch, Avoynna Kampwerth, Mallory Mensing, Abby Johnson, Lexi Schleper, Grant Camillo, Mike Martz, and Natalie Bossler. The Sr. Miriam Coovert Scholarship was established by Aloys and Carol (Eilermann)...   Read More

Matt Heinzmann Scholarship Awarded

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Mothers and Friends Auction

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Stations of the Cross

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Hall of Honor Inductees

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The Hall of Honor Selection Committee has announced the inductees for the 2012 Hall of Honor. The five honorees are Fr. James Deiters, ’83, Mr. Roger Foppe, ’65, Mr. Daniel Korte, ’78, Dr. Curt Niebur, ’91, and Mr. Steve Schomaker, ’70. The Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony will take place...   Read More

Freshman Registration

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Catholic Schools Week

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Illinois State Scholars

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S.A.F.E. Presentation

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Illinois State Scholars

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The Mater Dei administration is proud to announce that the following seniors have been named as Illinois State Scholars: Jonathan Ang, Dominic Antonacci, Kevin Garber, Mackenzie Gerling, Jaime Haake, Emily Hellmann, Alyssa Hitpas, Kayla Hitpas, Corinne Holtmann, Trent Isaak, Joseph Kasson, Tad Logullo, Ellen Maue, Larisa Maue, Mallory Mensing, Cody...   Read More

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