Underclass Awards 2023-2024

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At the 2023-2024 Underclass Awards Night held May 8, 2024, the administration and faculty recognized underclass students for their accomplishments in the areas of academics, service, and extracurricular activities.  We congratulate not only the students, but also their families, on their achievements!


Underclass Academic Awards

Business Education Department
Consumer Economics: Alyssa Koerkenmeier and Chandler Toennies

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Catholic Healthcare Award
Andrea Onate-Angel

English Department
English I Honors: Avery Patton, Avery VonBokel, and Addison Wilburn
English II Honors: Ella Marron, Owen Musenbrock, and Cynthia Wylie
Composition Honors: Kylie Voss
American Literature Honors: Nadia Baer
Speech 103: Maris Zurliene

Fine Arts Department
Drawing and Design: Marin Reeves and Ella Paterson-Heier
Ceramics: Kailey VonAlst

Foreign Language Department
Spanish I: Emma Burris, Jack Reynolds, and Trevor Zeeb
Spanish II: Isaac Chambers, Ella Marron, Taylor Robert, and Beckett Wade
Spanish 101: Lynzie Huelsmann, Jon Marble, and Kylie Voss

Home Economics Department
Culinary Arts: Becca Cowgill

Industrial Education Department
Building Trades I: Logan Driemeyer
Shop I: Hunter Horn and Sutton Furfaro

Mathematics Department
Algebra I: Bella Thole
Algebra I Honors: Lila Huelsmann
Essentials of Geometry: Lydon Barwick
Geometry: Cole Emig, Avery VonBokel, and Ethan Wheelan
Geometry Honors: Brylee Deerhake and Melaina Rakers
Algebra II: Kennedy Nicklin and Kendra Vaughn
Algebra II Honors: Ella Diercks
Algebra II & Trigonometry Honors: Reid Emig and Addison Ringwald
Pre-Calculus: Alyssa Koerkenmeier

Physical Education Department
Health: Olivia Kunz and Ava Lampe
P.E. I: Marlie Haag, Brielle Kehrer, Evan Kreke, and Trenton Lawrence
P.E. II: Lindsey Boehning and Addison Nenninger
Weightlifting & Conditioning: Jaron Kampwerth and William Meyer

Science Department
Physical Science: Andrew Sinnock
Physical Science Honors: Avery Patton and Avery VonBokel
Biology: Ethan Wheelan
Biology Honors: Amelia Beer and Cynthia Wylie
Chemistry Honors: Luke Hilmes and Nathan Kuhl
Earth Science: Ella Paterson-Heier
Horticulture: Reid Koch
Agronomy: Carissa Rich

Social Studies Department
American Government: Olivia Kunz, Jack Reynolds, Andrew Sinnock, and Mia Thompson
World History: Isaac Chambers and Cynthia Wylie
American History: Ella Detmer, Christopher Millikin, and Cayden Schneider
Advanced Placement (AP) American History: Lynzie Huelsmann and Ava Millard

Theology Department
Theology I: Cole Emig, Lila Huelsmann, Ava Lampe, and Avery VonBokel
Theology II: Lindsey Boehning, Sylvia Heiligenstein, Taylor Robert, Charlotte Strubhart, Ashtyn Wheeler, Cynthia Wylie
Theology III: Alex Beckmann, Lynzie Huelsmann, Jon Marble, Ava Millard, Chandler Toennies, and Maris Zurliene


Christian Service Awards
Luke Etheridge, Faith Foppe, Peyton Muscarello


Underclass Extracurricular Activities Awards

Art Club: Cynthia Wylie

Chorus: Nick Adams, Ella Detmer, Sylvia Heiligenstein, Robert Klostermann, Olivia Kunz, and Ashley Ratermann

Fall Play: Robert Klostermann, Amelia Rapien, and Kylie Voss

FFA: Reid Koch and Lynn Shirley

Liturgical Music Group: Amelia Rapien and Ashley Ratermann

Liturgical Planning Team: Kayden Barriger, Keegan Kohlbrecher, and Chris Millikin

Marketing Club: Ava Becker and Alyssa Koerkenmeier

Newspaper: Ella Detmer and Ella Paterson-Heier

St. Vincent DePaul Society: Sophie Beer, Mariah Benhoff, Reid Emig, Isabella Hacker, Ella Marron, Deidre Morales-Rios, Amelia Rapien, Addison Ringwald, Lynn Shirley, Claire Thole, and Kylie Voss

Scholar Bowl: Keegan Kohlbrecher and Kayleigh Lampe

Sisters in Christ: Maris Zurliene

Spanish Club: Ella Marron, Deidre Morales-Rios, and Derek Morales-Rios

Spring Musical: Ella Detmer, Logan Driemeyer, Christopher Millikin, and Ella Paterson-Heier

Student Ambassadors: Nadia Baer and Charlotte Strubhart

Student Council: Ava Millard and Melaina Rakers

Teens for Life: Charles Hentz and Amelia Rapien

Yearbook: Sylvia Heiligenstein, Isabelle Tripp, and Cynthia Wylie

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