Senior Awards 2021-2022

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On May 26, 2022, following the Senior-Parent Mass, the administration and faculty recognized members of the Class of 2022 at the Senior-Parent Banquet.  We congratulate not only the students, but also their families, on their achievements in academics and extracurricular activities!


Senior Academic Awards

Drawing and Design: Michelle Colson Wharwood and Julia Millikin
Advanced Drawing and Design: Maddalena Tirino
Ceramics: Riley Kleber, Julia Millikin, and Carli Timmermann
Advanced Ceramics: Wil Cox and Abigail Holtgrave
Portfolio of Advanced Art Projects: Brooke Rickhoff
Art Graphics: Emma Huelskamp and Brooke Zurliene

Business Education
Advanced Computer Applications: Jacob Patton and Lyndsey Richter

English Composition 101 and 102: Dakota Driemeyer, Abigail Holtgrave, Kiersten Kennedy, and Maya VanDorn

Foreign Language
Spanish 101: Gavynn Baer
Spanish 102: Caleigh Arentsen, Nicholas Christ, and Henry Triplett

Home Economics
Sewing II: Jenna Huegen and Brooke Zurliene

Industrial Education
Building Trades II: Logan Vonder Haar
Drafting: Germán Peña González, Remmie Vail, and Pau Vicent
Shop II (Woodworking): Ethan Fields, Kyler Schuchman, Sirapope (Bay) Thangsuwan, and Remmie Vail

Finite Mathematics: Joseph Goring, Kiersten Kennedy, Tyler Robertson, and John Venhaus
Statistics: Abigail Holtgrave
Trigonometry: Martina Zinesi
Pre-Calculus: Cesare Zini
Calculus: Rachel Rivera and Maya VanDorn

Anatomy & Physiology: Kiersten Kennedy
Biology II: Gavynn Baer
Chemistry II: Rachel Rivera
Physics Honors: Abigail Holtgrave
Introduction to Engineering: Maya VanDorn

Social Studies
Modern American History: Ayden Frickleton and Bryce Revermann
Current World Issues: Wil Cox and Dakota Driemeyer
Psychology 100 (Lifespan Growth and Development): Maya VanDorn
Psychology 101 (General Psychology): Callie Caylor
Early Childhood Development: Therese Huntz

Youth Faith Formation (PSR) Catechists: Lyndsey Richter and Kaitlyn Toennies
Theology IV: Gavynn Baer, Nicholas Christ, Bryce Revermann, and Remmie Vail


Senior Extracurricular Activities Awards
Fall Play: Brennan Cook

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America): Callie Caylor, Sophie Hustedde, and Ashlyn Vonder Haar

Liturgical Music Group: Nicholas Christ and Reagan Rickhoff

Liturgical Planning Group: Gavynn Baer and Ben Cowgill

National Honor Society: Sophie Hustedde and Jacob Patton

Newspaper: Callie Caylor

Scholar Bowl: Caleigh Arentsen and Dakota Driemeyer

Spanish Club: Abigail Holtgrave and Max Morton

Spring Musical: Callie Caylor

Student Ambassadors: Sophie Hustedde, Ella Palm, and Jacob Patton

Student Council: Sophie Hustedde and Ella Palm

Teens for Life: Gavynn Baer and Nicholas Christ

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