Underclass Awards: 2020-2021

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At the Underclass Awards Night held May 12, 2021, the administration and faculty recognized underclass students for their accomplishments in the areas of academics, service, and extracurricular activities during the 2020-2021 school year.  We congratulate not only the students, but also their families, on their achievements!


Underclass Academic Awards

Drawing and Design: Sophie Hustedde and Gabrielle LaRobardier
Ceramics: Abigail Holtgrave
Art Graphics: Katharine McElhose

Business Education
Accounting: Josie Przygoda
Computer Applications: Trey Gerdes and Brooke Zurliene
Advanced Computer Applications: Carter Goebel and Annalyse Richter
CISCO: Brennan Cook and Noah Toennies

Austin Cook, Megan Melone, and Julia Millikin

English I Honors: Alayna Benhoff and Olivia Wolden
English II Honors: Julia Korte, Avery Rahden, Shyanne Thompson, and Kayla Zurliene
Composition Honors: Annalyse Richter and Mailee Toennies
American Literature Honors: Gavynn Baer and Dakota Driemeyer
Speech 103: Ashlyn Vonder Haar

Foreign Language
Spanish I: Kristen Gerdes, Elijah Kohrmann, and Garett Zurliene
Spanish II: Julia Korte, Benjamin Miller, Shyanne Thompson, Carter Von Bokel, and Olivia Wolden
Spanish III: Jacob Hustedde, Alex Jimenez-Rojas, Kiersten Kennedy, and Annabella Triplett
Spanish IV: Landon Albers and Annalyse Richter

Ava McSparin and Annabella Triplett

Industrial Education
Building Trades I: Logan Vonder Haar

Algebra I: Emma Eversgerd and Reese Strubhart
Algebra I Honors: Wil Harris, Avery Pingsterhaus, and Simon Toennies
Geometry: Annabella Triplett and Olivia Wolden
Geometry Honors: Julia Korte, Benjamin Miller, and Luke Pingsterhaus
Algebra II: Mailee Toennies
Algebra II Honors: Trey Gerdes, Emma Huelskamp, and Meg Poettker
Algebra II & Trigonometry Honors: Julia Korte, Josie Lampe, and Benjamin Miller
Statistics: Callie Caylor
Pre-Calculus: Annalyse Richter and Maya VanDorn

Physical Science: Emma Eversgerd, Kathryn Huels, and Elyse Strader
Physical Science Honors: Reese Strubhart
Biology A: Kyle Sternberg
Biology: Noah Arentsen, Pak Tik Chan, and Cecilia Havrilka
Biology Honors: Madison Bonner, Avery Rahden, and Shyanne Thompson
Chemistry: Noah Broeckling, Brennan Cook, and Kiersten Kennedy
Chemistry Honors: Abigail Holtgrave, Julia Millikin, and Victoria Mohesky
Earth Science: Reagan Rickhoff

Social Studies
American Government: Emma Eversgerd and Annabella Triplett
World History: Alex Wellen and Kayla Zurliene
American History: Sophie Hustedde and Maggie Mensing
Advanced Placement (AP) American History: Dakota Driemeyer and Remmie Vail

Theology I: Coryn Toennies and Olivia Wolden
Theology II: Madison Bonner, Cecilia Havrilka, Marley Jansen, Addison Kampwerth, Julia Korte, and Nolan Ritzheimer
Theology III: Gavynn Baer, Callie Caylor, William Cox, Dakota Driemeyer, Julia Millikin, Maxwell Morton, Ella Palm, Michael Redman, and Remmie Vail


Christian Service Awards
Alayna Benhoff, Benjamin Miller, and Julia Millikin


Underclass Extracurricular Activities Awards

Fall Play
Callie Caylor, Jenna Huegen, and Michael Redman

Liturgical Music Group
Michael Redman and Reagan Rickhoff

Liturgical Planning Team
Benjamin Miller, Samantha Muscarello, and Brooke Rickhoff

Callie Caylor and Dakota Driemeyer

St. Vincent DePaul Society
Alayna Benhoff and Austin Cook

Scholar Bowl
Simon Toennies and Cohen Wiegers

Spanish Club
Carmen Foppe and Abigail Holtgrave

Spring Musical
Dakota Driemeyer, Brooke Rickhoff, and Reagan Rickhoff

Student Ambassadors
Gavynn Baer, Samantha Muscarello, and Annabella Triplett

Student Council
Sophie Hustedde and Reagan Rickhoff

Teens for Life
Alayna Benhoff and Austin Cook

Benjamin Miller and Brady Reynolds

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