NHS Induction 2019-2020

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On September 17, 2020, Mrs. Deb Foote hosted the induction of new underclass National Honor Society members for the 2019-2020 academic year.  (Originally scheduled for May 2020, the induction was postponed due to concerns related to COVID-19.)

To be eligible for membership, seniors, juniors, and sophomores must possess a 3.6 cumulative GPA (4.0 scale).  (Freshmen are not eligible.)

We congratulate the following new members, as well as their families, for their academic achievements: 2019-2020 sophomores  Landon Albers, Caleigh Arentsen, Gavynn Baer, Roman Becker, Sebastian Bissonnette, Zander Brueggemann, Callie Caylor, Evelyn Fuehne, Trey Gerdes, Carter Goebel, Lance Goebel, Joseph Goring, Cameron Haag, Abigail Holtgrave, Jenna Huegen, Emma Huelskamp, Sophie Hustedde, Jensen Iiams, Emily Johnston, Kiersten Kennedy, Jaidyn Kreke, Sean Kuhl, Jace Loepker, Zachary Ludwig, Maggie Mensing, Julia Millikin, Victoria Mohesky, Maxwell Morton, Ella Palm, Jacob Patton, Meg Poettker, Josie Przygoda, Quin Rackers, Michael Redman, Bryce Revermann, Annalyse Richter, Lyndsey Richter, Rachel Rivera, Tyler Robertson, Evan Schlueter, Cole Schroeder, Lilyana Scott, Colin Toeben, Kaitlyn Toennies, Mailee Toennies, Noah Toennies, Maya VanDorn, John Venhaus, Ashlyn Vonder Haar, Emily VonHatten, Matthew Wolden; and 2019-2020 juniors Macie Beer, Kyusang Lee, Shelby Wesselmann.


2019-2020 National Honor Society inductees Lyndsey Richter (left) and Sophie Hustedde are pictured reciting the National Honor Society pledge during the induction ceremony held September 17, 2020. (Originally scheduled in May, the induction was postponed due to concerns related to COVID-19.)

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