Disciples of the Week: January and February 2020

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Mrs. Emily Timmermann
Congratulations to Mrs. Emily Timmermann, our Disciple of the Week for the week of January 13!  In his nomination, Mr. Dave Kohnen stated, “Emily is committed to Mater Dei and our mission statement!  She is always willing to assist either a student or a faculty member with a problem. Moreover, she is a very positive person who wants the best for the students she teaches.   Most recently, she and her husband, Scott, dedicated countless hours to managing the concession stand for the four-day Mater Dei Christmas Tournament.  Thank you, Emily, for all you do!”  As a member of our English Department and Science Department, Mrs. Timmermann teaches English II, English II-A, Short Literature I, Practical Writing, and Biology A.  She also serves as the sophomore class advisor, Book Club moderator, JV Scholar Bowl coach, and The Lance (newspaper) co-moderator.


Mr. Steve Richter
Congratulations to custodian Mr. Steve Richter, our Disciple of the Week for the week of January 20!  In her nomination, Mrs. Emily Timmermann stated, “It is my pleasure to select Steve for Disciple of the Week!  As a valuable member of the maintenance department, Steve continuously contributes to keeping Mater Dei running smoothly and looking beautiful. Steve works hard to make sure Mater Dei’s beauty shines for all to see.  Additionally, Steve always has a smile on his face and willingly helps whomever may need his assistance. For example, during football season, Steve made sure the popcorn machine was set up and ready to use to make concession preparation easier for me. Thanks, Steve, for being such a great example of a true Mater Dei Knight!”


Mrs. Tammy Carroll
Congratulations to Mrs. Tammy Carroll, our Disciple of the Week for the week of January 27!  In his nomination, Mr. Steve Richter stated, “Tammy has been a great asset to Mater Dei!  She dedicates her time and talent not only in the classroom, but also outside the classroom, where she counsels our students, plans the Freshman Lock-In, and trains Coco, our therapy dog.  Tammy is also always willing to help keep Mater Dei clean and ready for the next school day.  Thank you, Tammy, for all you do!”  In addition to serving as our school psychologist and counselor, Mrs. Carroll teaches General Psychology, Life Span Growth and Development, and Child Development, and serves as the moderator of our Peer Helpers and Peer Tutors.


Ms. Miriah Harris
Congratulations to Ms. Miriah Harris, our Disciple of the Week for the week of February 3!  In her nomination, Mrs. Tammy Carroll stated, “Miriah’s passion for helping her students understand and appreciate their Catholic faith exemplifies her commitment to the mission of Mater Dei. While this work is challenging, Miriah’s gentle persistence mirrors God’s desire to “walk with” each of us: “I will instruct you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you” (Psalm 32:8). Thus, for the countless ways Miriah quietly leads us closer to God, I happily recognize her in this special way.”  A member of our theology department, Ms. Harris currently teaches Theology II, Theology III: Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church, and Theology III: Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ.  She also serves as moderator of our Liturgical Music Group.


Ms. Mary Miesner
Congratulations to Ms. Mary Miesner, our Disciple of the Week for the week of February 10!  In her nomination, Ms. Miriah Harris stated, “It is my pleasure to select Mary as our Disciple of the Week!  Mary has been a huge blessing by helping me learn the ropes during my first year at Mater Dei.  Whether I need help or simply want to talk, Mary always greets me, and others, with a huge smile. She has truly made me feel a part of the Mater Dei community.  She impacts not only me, but also others, as she is one of the many people who are vital in keeping Mater Dei running like a well-oiled machine.  Thank you, Mary, for all you do for the MD family!”  A member of the Mater Dei staff, Ms. Miesner serves as an administrative assistant.


Mr. Mark Huelskamp
Congratulations to Mr. Mark Huelskamp, our Disciple of the Week for the week of February 17!  In her nomination, Ms. Mary Miesner stated, “I’m very excited to select Mark Huelskamp as our Disciple of the Week!  Mark has taken on many roles during his time at Mater Dei.  This year, Mark began serving as the instructor for our Building Trades program, which was a major undertaking after Mr. Tom Hustedde served in that role for many years.  Mark has done an excellent job working with our students on the construction of the current Building Trades home.  Mark also serves in our maintenance department and drives a bus.  His days are very busy!  But each day he fulfills these roles with a smile and in a positive way that helps anyone who asks.  Thanks, Mark, for all you do as a true disciple of Mater Dei!”


Mrs. Beth Grapperhaus
Congratulations to librarian Mrs. Beth Grapperhaus, our Disciple of the Week for the week of February 24!  In his nomination, Mr. Mark Huelskamp stated, “Beth is dedicated to keeping our library well organized and running smoothly for the benefit of our students.  Moreover, she greets everyone with a smile and makes them feel welcome.  Finally, she is always willing to lend a helping hand to students, staff, and faculty.  Thank you, Beth, for serving as a true disciple of Mater Dei!”

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