Disciples of the Week: October 2019

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Mr. Dwight Thomas
Congratulations to Mr. Dwight Thomas, our Disciple of the Week for the week of October 7!  In his nomination, Mr. Scott Timmermann stated, “In addition to his performance in the classroom, Mr. Thomas leads by example for how to be a Mater Dei Knight. Mr. Thomas especially made his presence felt throughout homecoming week.  He facilitated the building of the first-place-winning senior float, and he was a great sport by allowing himself to be the punchline for jokes during the lip sync-talent contest. Most importantly, Mr. Thomas set a strong example during our all-school Homecoming Mass, where his bellowing singing voice reminded everyone else to give it all we had!  For these reasons, Mr. Thomas is deserving of being honored as Disciple of the Week.”  Mr. Thomas currently teaches Chemistry, Chemistry Honors, Chemistry II, Physics Honors, and Statistics.


Fr. Chuck Tuttle
Congratulations to Fr. Chuck Tuttle, our Disciple of the Week for the week of October 14!  In his nomination, Mr. Dwight Thomas stated, “As the priest for two parishes and Mater Dei Director of Advancement, Fr. Chuck exemplifies the Holy Spirit pervading our student body with all his hard work.  Last week, the Mater Dei calendar drive began.  Fr. Chuck champions this fundraiser, thus providing tuition relief for the parents of our students. In addition, many evenings he is at Mater Dei preparing, organizing, and attending special recognitions for past alumni and donors of Mater Dei.  Finally, his sharing of forward-looking spiritual guidance is evident in his homilies for student Masses and faculty-staff celebrations.  Thank you, Fr. Chuck!”  At Mater Dei, in addition to serving as the Mater Dei Director of Advancement, Fr. Tuttle also serves as the chaplain for Fathers & Friends.


Amy Wobbe
Congratulations to Mrs. Amy Wobbe, our Disciple of the Week for the week of October 21!  In his nomination, Fr. Chuck Tuttle stated, “Although not technically an employee of Mater Dei, per se, Amy serves as the Planned Giving Coordinator for the Mater Dei Foundation.  She can be found at her desk in the Advancement Office diligently preparing lists of prospective donors and developing strategies and materials to inform donors of the many ways they can support Mater Dei.  Thank you, Amy, for your ministry of developing stewardship with our constituents, which helps provide funding for today’s students and secure a solid Foundation for our future students.”


Ron Schadegg
Congratulations to Mr. Ron Schadegg, our Disciple of the Week for the week of October 28!  In her nomination, Amy Wobbe stated, “In my short time here, I have seen Ron fulfill many roles beyond athletics and coaching.  He stepped in and helped with many aspects of homecoming week, including with the scholarship luncheon.  He serves as not just a coach, but also a mentor for many students.  Most importantly, he is a leader of our faith and an example for our students.  He starts his day with morning prayer in the Chapel, presents a Christian attitude in problem solving and conversations, and uses faith as the foundation for his actions.  Thank you, Ron, for your dedication to our students, our school, and our faith.”  Mr. Schadegg serves as the athletic director and head basketball coach.

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