Disciples of the Week: March 2019

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Congratulations to our Disciples of the Week for the month of March 2019!

Mrs. KK Schneider  Congratulations to theology teacher Mrs. KK Schneider, our Disciple of the Week for the week of March 4!  In his nomination, Mr. Tom Hustedde stated, “KK wears many hats throughout the week and does so well and effectively. In addition to serving as the moderator of Teens for Life, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and our weekly mission collections, KK serves as the chair for the theology department. She heads all these tasks while also teaching a full day of classes. I am always amazed by KK’s organization and effectiveness in everything she does!  No matter which hat she is wearing, KK’s love of her Catholic faith shines through, and she is a wonderful example of living the Gospel each and every day. She is a true witness of faith to our students. KK, thank you for all you do to help us all live out the true mission of Mater Dei.”


Mr. Travis Gebke  Congratulations to social studies teacher Mr. Travis Gebke, our Disciple of the Week for the week of March 11!  In her nomination, Mrs. KK Schneider stated, “Mr. Gebke is a faith-filled teacher who is an excellent example of the importance of prayer.  He shares with the students in his classroom the daily Dynamic Catholic videos during Advent and Lent.  He also faithfully attends daily morning prayer in the chapel to prepare for his day.  Mr. Gebke is an example to students and teachers of the life of discipleship.”


Mr. Marvin Eversgerd  Congratulations to science teacher Mr. Marvin Eversgerd, our Disciple of the Week for the week of March 18!  In his nomination, Mr. Travis Gebke stated, “In his ever-busy school day, Mr. Eversgerd manages to be phenomenal in his classroom teaching, methodical in his class advisor responsibilities, and extremely supportive in his duties as assistant athletic director. Even with these tasks, Mr. Eversgerd is always there to lend an ear and to help anyone in need. He is a great representative, model, and mentor here at Mater Dei. To top it off, he has a tremendous sense of humor and wittiness.  Congratulations, Mr. Eversgerd!”


Mr. Dave Kohnen  Congratulations to Mr. Dave Kohnen, our Disciple of the Week for the week of March 25!  In his nomination, Mr. Marvin Eversgerd stated, “Dave does an outstanding job as a member of the business department, for which he also serves as the chair.  His enthusiasm towards teaching at all levels is a great contribution to all students.  He truly guides his students to be successful.  Dave also dedicates countless hours as the head coach for girls cross country, girls basketball, and track and field.  The Mater Dei community is fortunate to have Dave as a faculty member, for he truly plays a large role in the Mission of Mater Dei.  Thank you, Mr. Kohnen, for all you do!”

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