Disciples of the Week: October 2020

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Mrs. Beth Grapperhaus
Congratulations to Mrs. Beth Grapperhaus, our Disciple of the Week for the week of October 5!  In her nomination, Mrs. Emily Timmermann stated, “It is with great pleasure that I nominate Beth Grapperhaus, our librarian, for Disciple of the Week!  Beth works endlessly in the library to make sure that students have access to the newest titles. She has also shown our students how to check out electronic books on the cloud library, allowing our students to have access to even more titles. Students often seek Beth’s recommendation as they search for what to read next, and she compiles lists tailored to everyone’s interests. Additionally, Beth provides students with one-on-one assistance with their studies throughout the school day. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help in any way possible. Her positivity and dedication to Mater Dei truly make her an asset to the Mater Dei Family. Congratulations, Beth!”


Ms. Miriah Harris
Congratulations to Ms. Miriah Harris, our Disciple of the Week for the week of October 12!  In her nomination, Mrs. Beth Grapperhaus stated, “Every day, Miriah comes in with a smile on her face ready to offer the best of herself to her students.  They know she is always willing to help and always there for them with her guidance.  She is also there to help anyone with technology issues or in need of classroom assistance. Miriah is a true example of what a disciple stands for – a teacher of the word and actions of Christ.  Thanks, Miriah, for all you do!”  A member of the Theology Department, Miriah teaches Theology II and III.  She also serves as the moderator for Liturgical Music Group.


Mrs. Debbie Wilke
Congratulations to Mrs. Debbie Wilke, our Disciple of the Week for the week of October 19!  In her nomination, Ms. Miriah Harris stated, “I am excited to select Mrs. Debbie Wilke as our Disciple of the Week! Each day, she greets those entering the office with a welcoming smile and a helpful spirit. With the many new tasks and regulations having to be enforced due to COVID, Debbie has gone above and beyond to ensure we are all doing our part, and she has done so with a smile.  She, along with many others, helps keep Mater Dei running smoothly both on the front lines and behind the scenes. Thank you, Debbie, for all you do for the Mater Dei family and for exemplifying the nature of Christ every day!”  Mrs. Wilke serves as an administrative assistant in the main office.


Mr. Joe McNamara
Congratulations to Mr. Joe McNamara, our Disciple of the Week for the week of October 26!  In her nomination, Mrs. Debbie Wilken stated, “Joe greets every student and staff member who he encounters with a “Hello!” and “How is your day going?”  He is a pleasure to be around!  Mater Dei has been blessed to have Joe “come back home” to teach our students, as he is a great model of Christ.  Thank you, Joe, for your love of our students and your love of Mater Dei.  You are appreciated!”  A member of our Spanish Department, Mr. McNamara teaches Spanish I and Spanish III.

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