Class of 2017 Senior-Parent Banquet Academic Award Winners

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Members of the Class of 2017 were recognized for their academic  achievements at the Senior-Parent Banquet held on Thursday, May 25.  We congratulate the award winners, as well as their families, on their accomplishments!  (photos courtesy of Unforgettable Photography by Anna)

CLASS OF 2017 ART AWARD WINNERS (from left) Emily Cerbie, Keely Voss, Art Department Chair Mrs. Vicki Moylan, Megan Deimeke, Maria Kreke and Abigail Hellmann (Gabe Foppe was unavailable)

CLASS OF 2017 BUSINESS AWARD WINNERS (front row from left) Alex Norris, Kelsey Gerdes, Erica Hitpas, Tori Arentsen; (back row from left) Noah Gerdes, Cole Sellers, Sophia Lager and Logan Albers

CLASS OF 2017 CHORUS AWARD WINNERS (from left) Emily Hemker, Chorus Director Mr. Blake Korte and Maria Kreke

CLASS OF 2017 ENGLISH AWARD WINNERS (from left) Sarah Maller, Otto Stark, Sarah Schriewer, Gabrielle Ludwig, Trever Johnson, Emily Cerbie and Annie Kuenstler

CLASS OF 2017 INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION WINNERS (front row from left) Emily Cerbie, Alex Mueth, Keely Voss, Aften Richter; (back row from left) Vance Straeter, Courtney Abbott, Adam Gall, Nicholas Mensing, Ethan Schumacher and Industrial Education Department Chair Mr. Tom Hustedde (Gabe Foppe and Grant Foppe were unavailable)

CLASS OF 2017 MATHEMATICS AWARD WINNERS (front row from left) Austin Gebke, Sommer Keleman, Tori Arentsen (2), Tyler Goebel, Penny Vo, Madi Peppenhorst, Alyssa Ripperda; (back row from left) Trever Johnson, Noah Gerdes, Sarah Schriewer, Cordell Beckmann, Laura Faust, Brett Kaufman and Erica Hitpas

CLASS OF 2017 SCIENCE AWARD WINNERS (from left) Science Department Chair Mr. Marvin Eversgerd, Annie Kuenstler, Trever Johnson (2), Sarah Schriewer (3), Brett Kaufman and Sarah Maller (2)

CLASS OF 2017 SOCIAL STUDIES WINNERS (front row from left) Sarah Maller, Annie Kuenstler (3), Minh Le, Amber Litteken; (back row from left) Branden Billhartz, Trever Johnson, Social Studies Department Chair Mr. Gary Pollmann, Jenna Ratermann and Brett Kaufman

CLASS OF 2017 SPANISH AWARD WINNERS (from left) Annie Kuenstler, Otto Stark, Sarah Schriewer, Amber Litteken, Alex Loepker and Spanish Department Chair Ms. Rosemary Huelsmann

CLASS OF 2017 THEOLOGY AWARD WINNERS (from left) Annie Kuenstler (2), Trever Johnson (2), Noah Gerdes, Gabrielle Ludwig, Ethan Schumacher, Branden Billhartz, Sarah Maller and Theology Department Chair Mrs. Judy Kampwerth

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