Students of the Quarter – Second Quarter

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Selected as Students of the Quarter for the second quarter are (front, l to r) Kara Ratermann, Caroline Kenow, Kata Bowen; (back, l to r) Trever Johnson, Nathan Perkes, Joseph Petermeyer and Quinn Jansen. Taylor Goring was unavailable for the picture.

The administration and faculty are pleased to announce the Students of Quarter for the second quarter.  Please join us in congratulating these students and their families!

Senior Trever Johnson, the son of Ken and Lisa Johnson of Bartelso.  Throughout his academic career, Trever has enrolled in the English, mathematics, and science honors courses, including Calculus, English Composition 101 and 102, and Physics Honors as a senior.  Trever also earned recognition as an Illinois State Scholar.  Outside the classroom, Trever is a four-year member of the football team, for which he served as captain, was selected for the Belleville News Democrat All-Area Football Team, and earned the team’s Bull of the Year award.  In addition, Trever is a three-year member of National Honor Society; and first-year member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Liturgical Planning Team, Teens for Life, and Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE).  Finally, Trever is a member of Breese Youth Ministry and a server and usher at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.  Following graduation, Trever plans to earn a degree in engineering.

Senior Kara Ratermann, the daughter of Rick and Rita Ratermann of Breese.  Throughout her academic career, Kara has enrolled in the honors mathematics courses.  As a senior, in addition to Calculus, Kara is enrolled in English Composition 101 and 102.  She also serves as a catechist for St. Francis Catholic Church Youth Faith Formation program.  Outside the classroom, Kara is a four-year member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) (current vice president); a three-year member of National Honor Society, Student Ambassadors, and Student Council (current president and award recipient the past two years); and a two-year member of the spring musical chorus.  Finally, Kara is a member of Breese Youth Ministry and Luke 18 confirmation retreat teams, as well as a lector at St. Dominic Catholic Church.  Following graduation, Kara plans to earn a degree in business with a marketing emphasis.

Junior Nathan Perkes, the son of Bruce and Rose Perkes of Aviston.  Since his freshman year, Nathan has enrolled in college-preparatory courses.  Outside the classroom, Nathan is a three-year member of the soccer team, basketball team and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA); and has served as a Murray Center volunteer, for which he received an award his sophomore year, and a homecoming float committee member.  Finally, he is a server and youth group member at St. Francis Catholic Church.

Junior Caroline Kenow, the daughter of Brian and Becky Kenow of Germantown.  Since her freshman year, Caroline has enrolled in the honors English, mathematics, science and Spanish courses.  As a junior, she is enrolled in American Literature Honors, Chemistry Honors, Composition Honors, Pre-Calculus and Spanish III. Outside the classroom, Caroline is a three-year member of the cheerleading squad, Lance newspaper staff, marching band, Student Council, Teens for Life and wind ensemble; a two-year member of jazz band, Liturgical Planning Team, National Honor Society and Student Ambassadors; and a first-year  member of Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Finally, Caroline is a lector at St. Boniface Catholic Church.

Sophomore Joseph Petermeyer, the son of Jeff and Michelle Petermeyer of Aviston.  Currently, Joseph is enrolled in Algebra II & Trigonometry, Biology Honors and Geometry Honors.  Outside the classroom, he is a two-year member of concert band, marching band, and the casts of the fall play and the spring musical; and a first-year member of chorus.  As a freshman, Joseph earned recognition for his achievement in band.  Finally, Joseph is a member of St. Francis Catholic Church.

Sophomore Kata Bowen, the daughter of Shane Bowen and Krista Anzelone of Breese.  Since her freshman year, Kata has enrolled in every honors course offered.  Currently, she is enrolled in Algebra II & Trigonometry, Biology Honors, English II Honors, Geometry Honors and Spanish II Honors. Outside the classroom, Kata is a member of the basketball team and chorus.  Finally, Kata is a member of Faith Family Church.

Freshman Quinn Jansen, the son of Nathan and Angie Jansen of Germantown.  In his first year at Mater Dei, Quinn is enrolled in Geometry (a sophomore level course) and English I Honors.  Outside the classroom, Quinn is a member of Student Council, as well as the basketball and soccer teams.  He plans to play baseball in the spring.  Finally, Quinn is a server at St. Boniface Catholic Church.

Freshman Taylor Goring, the daughter of Kevin and Jackie Goring of Highland.  In her first year at Mater Dei, Taylor is enrolled in Geometry and Spanish II (sophomore level courses), as well as English I Honors and Physical Science Honors.  Outside the classroom, she is a member of chorus, concert band, Liturgical Music Group, marching band, pit band for the spring musical, Scholar Bowl, Teens for Life, The Knight yearbook staff and the golf team.  In January, Taylor traveled to Washington, D.C., for the 44th Annual March for Life.  Finally, Taylor is a member of the youth organization and liturgical music group at St. Paul Catholic Church.

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