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For Catholic Schools Week Parish Appreciation Day, the following expressions of gratitude were included in the bulletins of local parishes:

In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, I express my gratitude to all the parishes that generously donate to Mater Dei.  Mater Dei helps me not only build character, but also deepen my faith by recognizing God in my life.  The Catholic education my classmates and I receive truly prepares us to be good stewards of God’s gifts and to make a difference in the world by serving others.  Mater Dei is an incredible school, and I am grateful, each day, for the opportunity to learn here.  Thank you for helping make this gift of my education possible!”
Peyton Kreke, Class of 2017, St. Cecilia Catholic Church (Bartelso)

“The opportunity to receive a Catholic education has become increasingly limited.  As a student at Mater Dei, I am not only receiving a Catholic education, but receiving a great one.  For teenagers, fitting in with society while remaining true to our Christian values is becoming harder.  At Mater Dei, we are taught to fully embrace our religious beliefs.  Our teachers demonstrate how we can live our faith, every day, as dedicated disciples of the Lord.  I am extremely thankful that my school is a place that brings students together and closer to God.  Thank you so much for your amazing generosity!  It truly makes a difference!”
Margo Lampe, Class of 2017, St. Boniface Catholic Church (Germantown)

 “Since my best friend, Erin Cerbie, led me to Mater Dei, I have never looked back!  Like my experience at St. Clare Catholic School, I am blessed to have the Holy Spirit in my daily life and to work with teachers who not only are skilled, but also love and care for their students.  Mater Dei is a wonderful place to grow as I become a practicing Catholic adult.  I am grateful to the parishioners of St. Clare Catholic Church and all who support Catholic education.  Thank you!”
Clarissa Pavao, Class of 2018, St. Clare Catholic Church (O’Fallon)

 “I am truly fortunate to attend Mater Dei Catholic High School!  In addition to offering a faith filled environment, Mater Dei provides me with a strong academic curriculum taught by caring faculty who teach me to work hard to meet my academic goals.  In addition, I have met so many new people and have established friendships I know will last a lifetime.  Therefore, in honor of Catholic Schools Week, I thank my parish family and all who so generously support the Mater Dei community and Catholic education.”
Alexa Rinderer, Class of 2018, St. Paul Catholic Church (Highland)

 I am very happy with my choice to attend Mater Dei!  The amazing teachers and students welcomed me with open arms.  I have enjoyed the incredible opportunity to make new friends, to grow academically, and to participate in new extracurricular activities.  I am looking forward to continuing my Catholic education at Mater Dei and thank you for your continued support!”
Mya Albers, Class of 2019, St. Dominic Catholic Church (Breese)

 “Deciding to attend Mater Dei was one of the greatest choices I made in my academic career.  Being part of a Catholic school has given me the opportunity to grow in my faith, excel academically, and make many new friends.  My experience would never have been possible without the support of our parishioners.  Therefore, I personally thank you, as your generosity has made a difference in my life!”
Claire Kampwerth, Class of 2019, St. Mary Catholic Church (Carlyle)

 “The Catholic education I receive at Mater Dei is very valuable to me!  Attending has enabled me to recognize my potential.  I have also met new people through the many extracurricular activities Mater Dei offers.  Finally, even as a freshman, I have already learned so much from the remarkable teachers.  Thank you for all the help you give me and the other Mater Dei students!”
Matthew Fuehne, Class of 2020, St. Damian Catholic Church (Damiansville)

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