First Quarter “Student of the Week” Recipients

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The following students were selected as “Student of the Week” throughout the first quarter.  Please join us in congratulating them and their families!


sotw-madylyn-trameMadelyn Trame – Class of 2020
Algebra Honors teacher Mrs. Deb Foote stated, “Madelyn is a dedicated and conscientious student who continually submits high quality work.  In addition, she is very polite and respectful of her classmates.”  Madelyn is the daughter of Chris and Danielle Trame of Breese.  (09/05/2016)


Chase KampwerthChase Kampwerth – Class of 2019
English II Honors teacher Mrs. Pam Zurliene stated, “Chase is a hardworking and committed student.  He is willing to go the extra mile to make sure he achieves his best.”  Chase is the son of Dale and Cindy Kampwerth of Carlyle.  (09/12/2016))



Patrick AlbersPatrick Albers – Class of 2018
Composition teacher Mrs. Donna Goetz stated, “Patrick Albers is the kind of student who goes the extra mile to turn in quality work on time!  Rather than submit an electronic assignment late and lose a significant amount of points, Patrick drove in a storm to a store that had WiFi when the satellite antenna on the silo at his family’s farm was struck by lightning.  Also, I can always count on him to participate in class. He is proving to be a class leader.”  Patrick is the son of Dale and Geralyn Albers of Germantown.  (09/19/2016)


Leshi (Tina) Chen – Class of 2020
English I teacher Mrs. Melissa Kunkle stated, “Tina is an international student from China.  She greets me and each school day with a smile and a “can-do” attitude. She works extremely hard in learning about the fictional stories and authors discussed in class, as well as the concepts of English grammar and its irregularities. Because she earnestly wants to learn the subject matter, she is willing to ask questions. Additionally, she has made friends among her peers, especially with her sunny, friendly demeanor, and has joined several organizations at school. We are happy to have her join our community of Knights!” While attending Mater Dei this school year, Tina resides with JoAnn Mitzel in Maryville. (09/26/2016)


Peyton Dermody – Class of 2017
Theology teacher Mrs. Judy Kampwerth stated, “Peyton shares valuable insights during discussions in her theology class.  Moreover, she serves as a role model for all students for the respectful way she treats everyone she meets.  Finally, Peyton is an accomplished equestrian.”  Peyton is the daughter of Matthew and Lynn Dermody of Highland.  (10/03/2016)

Alyse KloecknerAlyse Kloeckner – Class of 2017
Director of Enrollment Mrs. Maria Zurliene stated, “In our Student Ambassadors organization, Alyse serves as the “coordinator of volunteers” for Junior Knights events. Her assistance has been especially important the past three weeks, during which we hosted four Junior Knights events. Alyse was quite busy, not only coordinating volunteers, but also serving at each event, while still focusing on academics and working after school!  I truly appreciate Alyse’s dedication!”  Alyse is the daughter of Brian and Vicki Kloeckner of Breese.  (10/03/2016)


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