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Juniors listen to Donna Clark Love present her seminar "The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander."

Seminar on Bullying Presented by Donna Clark Love

The Mater Dei administration has invited Donna Clark Love, an internationally recognized expert and trainer in the areas of Bullying Prevention, Family Systems, and Student Assistance Programs, to present her seminar called “The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander” to the junior class, faculty members, and current parents at Mater Dei. Donna Clark Love will spend two days at Mater Dei, leading two sessions for the junior boys on August 22, and two sessions for the junior girls on August 23. She also presented her seminar to the faculty after school on August 22, and to current parents on the evening of August 22.

Freshmen Orientation

The members of the Mater Dei Class of 2015 had their first day of school on August 17, running through their class schedules and participating in different activities. The freshman class was back for a half day on August 18.

During orientation, the freshmen were introduced to the Mater Dei Bill of Rights: (1) The right to be cared for and supported for all endeavors, both academic and non-academic; (2) The right to be free from discrimination of any kind; (3) The right to be judged as an individual; (4) The right to be free from harassment of any kind; (5) The right to be respected for individual talents, gifts, and personalities; (6) The right to be forgiven for past poor decisions and actions and to be provided the opportunity to begin anew; and (7) The right to defend oneself against accusations of alleged wrongdoings. Mr. Litteken led the class in discussion throughout the presentation of rights.

At lunch, the freshmen were divided into their mentor groups and had lunch with their mentors and group members.

Another activity was a scavenger hunt where the freshmen were put into groups and given clues about each faculty and administration member. The students had to go throughout the school and get each teacher’s signature that corresponded to the clue. Members of the team that returned with all the correct signatures first was awarded two front of the line lunch passes, and the second place team members each received one front of the line lunch pass. Earning first place this year was the team of Alyx Wilkins, Laney Huelsmann, Shannon Schuetz, Tabatha Kitowski, Caitie Listello, and Emily Orschell. Finishing in second place was the team of Macy Kuhl, Taylor Luebbers, Leah Haake, Elizabeth Correale, Grace Chiarolanza, and Hope Huelsmann.

August 18 was an early dismissal day for the freshmen in attendance. The new students were shown a video of a talk by a young woman who was bullied in high school and how that affected her life. After the video, the freshmen were divided into groups to answer different questions about the subject. The students then came together and shared their answers with the rest of the freshman class.

Freshman Nick Kuhl shares his group's answers to questions on the subject of bullying during the freshman seminar on the freshmen's early dismissal day on August 18. Waiting to share her group's answers is Macy Kuhl.

Little Knights and Little Ladies

Now is the time to join the 2011-2012 Little Knights and Little Ladies! LKLL members will have the opportunity to be announced at a football game and run through the tunnel, ride in the Homecoming Parade, attend dress rehearsals for the fall play and spring musical, and much more. The membership fee for new members is $25.00 for one member of the family, $30.00 for two members of the same family, and $35.00 for three or more in the same family. Deadline for the Little Knights and Little Ladies is September 7, 2011, so get your registration in ASAP so the T-shirts can be ordered. To register, e-mail Kathy Huelsmann at

Class of 2001 Reunion

The Mater Dei Class of 2001 will have its ten year reunion on Saturday, September 17, 2011, at Breese Golf Course pavilion, starting at 5:30 p.m. For more information, please contact Paul Rinella at or 618-593-0673.

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