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Class of 2017 Senior-Parent Banquet Academic Award Winners

Members of the Class of 2017 were recognized for their academic  achievements at the Senior-Parent Banquet held on Thursday, May 25.  We congratulate the award winners, as well as their families, on their accomplishments!  (photos courtesy of Unforgettable Photography by Anna)

CLASS OF 2017 ART AWARD WINNERS (from left) Emily Cerbie, Keely Voss, Art Department Chair Mrs. Vicki Moylan, Megan Deimeke, Maria Kreke and Abigail Hellmann (Gabe Foppe was unavailable)

CLASS OF 2017 BUSINESS AWARD WINNERS (front row from left) Alex Norris, Kelsey Gerdes, Erica Hitpas, Tori Arentsen; (back row from left) Noah Gerdes, Cole Sellers, Sophia Lager and Logan Albers

CLASS OF 2017 CHORUS AWARD WINNERS (from left) Emily Hemker, Chorus Director Mr. Blake Korte and Maria Kreke

CLASS OF 2017 ENGLISH AWARD WINNERS (from left) Sarah Maller, Otto Stark, Sarah Schriewer, Gabrielle Ludwig, Trever Johnson, Emily Cerbie and Annie Kuenstler

CLASS OF 2017 INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION WINNERS (front row from left) Emily Cerbie, Alex Mueth, Keely Voss, Aften Richter; (back row from left) Vance Straeter, Courtney Abbott, Adam Gall, Nicholas Mensing, Ethan Schumacher and Industrial Education Department Chair Mr. Tom Hustedde (Gabe Foppe and Grant Foppe were unavailable)

CLASS OF 2017 MATHEMATICS AWARD WINNERS (front row from left) Austin Gebke, Sommer Keleman, Tori Arentsen (2), Tyler Goebel, Penny Vo, Madi Peppenhorst, Alyssa Ripperda; (back row from left) Trever Johnson, Noah Gerdes, Sarah Schriewer, Cordell Beckmann, Laura Faust, Brett Kaufman and Erica Hitpas

CLASS OF 2017 SCIENCE AWARD WINNERS (from left) Science Department Chair Mr. Marvin Eversgerd, Annie Kuenstler, Trever Johnson (2), Sarah Schriewer (3), Brett Kaufman and Sarah Maller (2)

CLASS OF 2017 SOCIAL STUDIES WINNERS (front row from left) Sarah Maller, Annie Kuenstler (3), Minh Le, Amber Litteken; (back row from left) Branden Billhartz, Trever Johnson, Social Studies Department Chair Mr. Gary Pollmann, Jenna Ratermann and Brett Kaufman

CLASS OF 2017 SPANISH AWARD WINNERS (from left) Annie Kuenstler, Otto Stark, Sarah Schriewer, Amber Litteken, Alex Loepker and Spanish Department Chair Ms. Rosemary Huelsmann

CLASS OF 2017 THEOLOGY AWARD WINNERS (from left) Annie Kuenstler (2), Trever Johnson (2), Noah Gerdes, Gabrielle Ludwig, Ethan Schumacher, Branden Billhartz, Sarah Maller and Theology Department Chair Mrs. Judy Kampwerth

Band Banquet

Director of Bands Mr. Blake Korte, joined by drumline instructor Mr. Matt Murphy and color guard instructor Ms. Julianna Swanson, recognized members of our concert band, jazz band, wind ensemble, drumline and color guard at the Band Banquet held on May 15.  We congratulate the award winners, as well as their families, on their accomplishments!

At the Band Banquet on May 15, Alex Mueth (left) received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award and a Music Service Award from Director of Bands Mr. Blake Korte.

At the Band Banquet on May 15, Amber Litteken (left) received the John Philip Sousa Band Award from Director of Bands Mr. Blake Korte.

Pictured with Director of Bands Mr. Blake Korte (back row, far right) at the Band Banquet on May 15 are band award winners (front row from left) Ellie Stark – Music Service, Taylor Goring – Outstanding Freshman, Hannah Schmitz – Outstanding Sophomore, Caroline Kenow – Outstanding Junior, Alex Rivera – Outstanding Brass, Annie Kuenstler – Outstanding Woodwind, Sarah Maller and Colby Litteken – Music Service; (back row from left) Sam AuBuchon – Music Service, Zach Honer – Outstanding Percussionist, Reese Brandford – Most Improved, Emma Dumstorff – Outstanding Leadership, Ben Logullo – Outstanding Marcher, and Lindsey Goestenkors – Music Service. (Not pictured is Sophia Mondt – Outstanding Attitude.)

Pictured with drumline instructor Mr. Matt Murphy (far right) at the Band Banquet on May 15 are drumline award winners (from left) Amber Litteken – Outstanding Visual Performer, Sarah Maller – Outstanding Musical Performer, Katherine Wieseman – Outstanding Attitude, and Kate Maue – Most Improved.

Pictured with color guard instructor Ms. Julianna Swanson (third from left) at the Band Banquet on May 15 are color guard award winners (from left) Erin Cerbie – Above and Beyond, Savannah Boggs – Outstanding Attitude, and Savannah Wesselmann – Most Improved.

2017-2018 Student Council Representatives

Congratulations to the Student Council representatives for the 2017-2018 school year!  We look forward to their leadership!

Class of 2020 Student Council representatives for the 2017-2018 school year: (front row, from left) Jaymee Rose, Lainey Kramer, Katie Toennies; (back row, from left) Halle Beckmann, Quinn Jansen, Caleb Zurliene, Nathan Rivera and Grace Rapp.

Class of 2019 Student Council representatives for the 2017-2018 school year: (front row, from left) Elyse Faust, Madeline Sullivan, Erika Plage; (back row, from left) Amy Boeckman, Brett Goetstenkors, Haley Palm and Carly Kampwerth.

Class of 2018 Student Council representatives for the 2017-2018 school year: (front row, from left) Sydney Richter, Abby Arentsen, Lauren Kampwerth, Malina Isaak; (back row, from left) Adam Seger, Riley Pollmann, Caroline Kenow and Robert Clancy. (Sophia Mondt was unavailable for the photo.)

Freshmen Create “Romeo and Juliet” Masquerade Masks

Mrs. Kunkle’s freshman English students immersed themselves in Shakespeare and his famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet. After receiving background information on William Shakespeare and Elizabethan theater, the students learned of the bloody ancient feud between the “two households both alike in dignity” – the Capulets and the Montagues.

To get them in the mindset for the insulting remarks thrown between the families, students created their own Shakespearean insults such as knavish fat-kidneyed dogfish, greasy sour-faced rabbit, and reeky onion-eyed younker. They had to then define the insults’ literal meanings.

Because the protagonists Romeo and Juliet meet at a masquerade party hosted by Juliet’s father, Lord Capulet, students created their own masks with a design that corresponds with a character trait they possess and explained how they fit their chosen trait. The traits included hardworking, carefree, girly, soft-hearted, and mysterious. For each class period, students voted on their fellow classmates’ masks, choosing which ones they deemed the most colorful, the funniest/wildest, and the most original.

Freshmen also composed narratives for their chosen character from Romeo and Juliet, in which their character presents his/her telling of the plot action in each of the five acts and provides thoughts and feelings and comments about the action.

These assignments provided the students with the opportunity to utilize and to further develop not only their knowledge, but also their creativity!

Pictured with their winning Romeo and Juliet masquerade masks are freshmen English I Honors – period 2 students (from left) Taylor Goring – funniest/wildest, Halle Beckmann – most colorful, and Jacey Wieter – most original.

Pictured with their winning Romeo and Juliet masquerade masks are freshmen English I Honors – period 3 students (from left) Austin Voss – funniest/wildest, Maddie Trame – most colorful, and Lainey Kramer – most original.

Pictured with their winning Romeo and Juliet masquerade masks are freshmen English I – period 7 students (from left) Caleb Gonsalves – most original, Hunter Lee – most colorful, and Luke Zurliene – funniest/wildest.

Pictured with their winning Romeo and Juliet masquerade masks are freshmen English I – period 8 students (from left) Gracie Loepker – most colorful, Gretta Stark – funniest/wildest, and Claire Foppe – most original.

Pictured with their winning Romeo and Juliet masquerade masks are freshmen English I – period 1 students (from left) Zach Napovanice – funniest/wildest, Katherine Wellen – most colorful, and Toby Xu – most original.

NHS Induction and Underclass Awards Night

The administration and faculty recognized students for their accomplishments in the areas of academics, service, and extracurricular activities at the annual National Honor Society (NHS) Induction and Underclass Awards Night on Tuesday, May 9.  We congratulate not only the students, but also their families, for their achievements!

The “NHS Induction and Underclass Awards” article includes a complete list of the NHS inductees, academic letter winners, and underclass award recipients.

(from left) Retiring 2016-2017 NHS officers Treasurer Margo Lampe, Secretary Aften Richter and Vice President Peyton Kreke (President Tori Voyles not pictured) are pictured with newly elected 2017-2018 NHS officers President Ben Logullo, Secretary Caroline Kenow and Treasurer Drew Tonnies (Vice President Rachell Maue not pictured).


Seniors (from left) Peyton Kreke, Brett Kaufmann, Noah Gerdes, (Alumni Director Mr. Ron Schadegg), Hunter Wiegmann, Andrew Rivera and Cordell Beckmann are pictured donating to our new scholarship, the Class of 2017 Pay It Forward Scholarship, which will be awarded to a member of our incoming Class of 2021. After they were presented with the challenge to “pay it forward,” 23 seniors immediately donated a total of $510! If 100% of the seniors participate, Mr. Dennis Litteken ’79 will donate $79 and Mr. Ron Schadegg ’84 will donate $84. We thank our seniors for living out the words of Francis of Assisi, “For it is in giving that you receive!”

2017 Hall of Honor Inductee the late James Kirby, M.D.

2017 Hall of Honor inductee the late James Kirby, M.D.

Mater Dei is proud to announce that the late James Kirby, M.D., will be inducted into the Mater Dei Hall of Honor on May 5, 2017, with fellow inductees Phyllis (Fox) Berndsen, Jeff Ripperda, M.D., and Rita (Schomaker) Winkeler.

James, who provided loyal service to Mater Dei, earned his doctoral degree in medicine from Loyola University in 1939.  After establishing his first medical practice in Skokie, Illinois, James then moved to New Haven, Illinois.  While in New Haven, James served as a founding member of the Egyptian Tri-County Health Department, the mayor, the P.T.A. president, and a school board member.  In 1965, James moved to Breese, where he continued to practice medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital until his retirement in 1984.

In keeping with our calling to serve as advocates for Catholic education, James and his supportive wife Nellie opened their home to five students residing in southern Illinois for whom distance would have otherwise prevented them from attending Mater Dei.  An avid fan of both basketball and football, he also served as a “team doctor,” offering his medical expertise for the benefit of Mater Dei’s athletes.  Finally, James both promoted and supported various Mater Dei fundraisers.

As a resident of Breese, James was an active member of St. Dominic Catholic Church, serving as a eucharistic minister, lector, usher, and Parish School of Religion (P.S.R.) teacher.  Additionally, he volunteered as a crossing guard for St. Dominic Catholic School (now All Saints Academy) and as the secretary of the Clinton County Medical Society for twenty years.

James, who passed away April 29, 2005, was blessed with three children, Sheila, Tom and Gary ’81, nine grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren.

Established in 1997, the Hall of Honor recognizes alumni and friends of Mater Dei who have lived their lives as witnesses of her mission.  The celebration will begin at 6:30 pm with Mass in the Mater Dei Chapel, followed by dinner and the induction ceremony. Proceeds benefit the Mater Dei Grant-in-Aid program.  For reservations ($20 per person), please contact the office (618-526-7216).

Winter Athletics Award Winners

Coaches and members of the bowling team, boys basketball team, girls basketball team and cheerleading squad, as well as their families, celebrated their seasons and honored team members during the Winter Athletic Banquet on Sunday, April 23.

Bowling award winners were (from left) Keegan Spirek – Highest Average, Maria Kreke – Best Spare Percentage, and Calvin Kalmer – Most Improved Bowler.

Boys basketball award winners were (from left) Nolan Robben – Offensive Player of the Year, Cordell Beckmann – Coaches Award, Mason Toennies – Most Improved Player, Lucas Theising – Defensive Player of the Year, and Noah Gerdes – MVP.

Cheerleading award winners were (from left) Callie Becker – Co-Outstanding Leadership Award, Carly Etter – MVP, Emily Morris – Co-Outstanding Leadership Award, Alyssa Winkeler – Above and Beyond Award, and Savanna Luitjohan – Most Improved Cheerleader.

Girls basketball award winners were (from left) Margo Lampe – Defensive Player of the Year, Logan Braundmeier – Free Throw Award and Coaches Award, and Kelsey Gerdes – MVP. (Not pictured is Kierra Winkeler – Most Improved Player.)

Indoor Percussion Competes at WGI World Championships

Members of the Mater Dei Indoor Percussion, with instructors Mr. Matt Murphy (far left) and Mr. Blake Korte (far right), pose for a picture prior to their performance at the Winter Guard International (WGI) Percussion and Winds World Championships in Dayton, OH, on April 20.

Performing this year’s show, “The Dawn,” under the direction of band director Mr. Blake Korte, our Indoor Percussion closed their season at the Winter Guard International (WGI) Percussion and Winds World Championships in Dayton, OH, on April 20.  With a score of 80.163, the Knights missed advancing to the semi-finals by two groups.  In addition to competing, the students enjoyed performances at the finals competition and visited the U.S. Air Force Museum.

Students Enjoy Physics Day at Six Flags

Forty-three students, under the guidance of Physics and Physics Honors teacher Mr. Dwight Thomas, participated in Physics Day at Six Flags on April 21.  Throughout the day, students collected data related to the use of physics in Six Flags’ attractions.

(from left) Tori Voyles, Emily Morris, Ellyn Dorries and Margo Lampe braved Superman Tower of Power.

Maria Kreke (left) and Will Harad (right) enjoyed riding Pandemonium.