Calendar Drawing Winners

The 2020-2021 school year marks the 36th year for which the Mater Dei Calendar Drive has served as the cornerstone of our fundraising.  Therefore, it is the only fundraiser for which we request participation from all students.

For only $25 per calendar, a buyer will have 391 chances to win cash during each calendar year – $30 daily, $100 and $500 monthly, and $1,000 and $2,000 on December 31. 

To purchase a calendar, please visit our “How to Support MD – Calendar Drive” page for purchase options: Calendar Drive Purchase Options

We thank our supporters – those who sell and those who purchase – for their dedication to this essential fundraiser!  We also congratulate our recent calendar drawing winners (listed below)!


Calendar Drawing Winners for April 2021
4/1      Sherlynn Lappe, Breese
4/2      Joann Beer, Bartelso
4/3      Cornie Gebke, Bartelso
4/4      Bryan Gonzalez, Breese
4/5      Matt Fehrmann, Oswego
4/6      Ashley and Dustin Berry, Edwardsville
4/7      Theresa Haag, Breese
4/8      Gerstner Plumbing, Breese
4/9      Norbert Thole, Breese
4/10    Ben and Jan Gonzalez, Beckemeyer
4/11    Regan Berndsen, Breese
4/12    Keith Kinzel, Freeburg
4/13    Mark Loepker, Carlyle
4/14    Ronda Grewe, Okawville
4/15    Ann Kohnen, Germantown
4/16    Jodi Toennies, Damiansville
4/17    Rita Winkeler, Bartelso
4/18    Rich Woltering, Breese
4/19    Janel and Brian Zurliene, Albers
4/20    Erica Zobrist, West Chicago
4/21    Gary Von Bokel, Germantown
4/22    Sr. Leslie Noonan, SSND, Covington LA
4/23    Brody Beckmann, Breese
4/24    Pat Becker, Bartelso
4/25    Jeff and Cindy Beckmann, Bartelso
4/26    Stephen and Tiffany Menkhaus, Germantown
4/27    Joshua Havrilka, Iron Mountain MI
4/28    Janet Huelsmann, Breese
4/29    Cheryl Holland, Germantown
4/30    Sr. Carole Langhauser, Donaldson IN
$100    Lindsay Boulware, Bartelso
$500    Gerri Stock, Germantown


Calendar Drawing Winners for March 2021
3/1      Brad Voss, Breese
3/2      Lynette Sherman, Breese
3/3      Jamie Unger, Edwardsville
3/4      Valerie Bloom, Venedy
3/5      Kris Hilmes Buehne, Breese
3/6      Gary and Denise Johnston, Breese
3/7      Wendy Bergmann, Oakdale
3/8      Kara Aschemann, Bloomington
3/9      Sandy Harper, Beckemeyer
3/10    Nancy Torr, Avon Park FL
3/11    Kim Huelsmann, Germantown
3/12    Jeff and Yvonne Foppe (Foppe Service), Breese
3/13    Seth and Heather Netemeyer, Trenton
3/14    Michael and Deb Berndsen, Breese
3/15    Stan and Pauline Albers, Carlyle
3/16    Peggy Melone, Belleville
3/17    Beth Mueth, Paducah KY
3/18    Victoria Breckel, Mascoutah
3/19    Keith Knobeloch, Germantown
3/20    Mary Ann Wirz, Highland
3/21    Pat and Esther Norrenberns, Carlyle
3/22    Brian and Amy Diekemper, Breese
3/23    Jared and Kayla Deerhake, Bartelso
3/24    Edith Mueth, Mascoutah
3/25    Mary Schadegg, Breese
3/26    Dustin and Lynn McSparin, Breese
3/27    Maura Timmermann, Aviston
3/28    Judith Alberternst, Trenton
3/29    Trishia Kohnen, Germantown
3/30    Marian Leitner, Edwardsville
3/31    Josh Alberternst, Breese
$100    Rachelle Haake, Germantown
$500    Al and Geri Varel, Damiansville