Calendar Drawing Winners

Since the 1985-1986 school year, the annual  Mater Dei Calendar Drive has served as the cornerstone of our fundraising.  Therefore, it is the only fundraiser for which we request participation from all students.

For only $25 per calendar, a buyer will have 391 chances to win cash during each calendar year – $30 daily, $100 and $500 monthly, and $1,000 and $2,000 on December 31. 

To purchase a calendar, please visit our “How to Support MD – Calendar Drive” page for purchase options: Calendar Drive Purchase Options

We thank our supporters – those who sell and those who purchase – for their dedication to this essential fundraiser!  We also congratulate our recent calendar drawing winners (listed below)!


Calendar Drawing Winners for March 2022

3-1       Kim Voss, Aviston
3-2       Carl Cunningham, Fort Wayne IN
3-3       Suzanne Ribbing, Germantown
3-4       Colton Vonder Haar, Highland
3-5       Mary Nicklin, Aviston
3-6       James Williams, Albers
3-7       Kris Fulkerson, Breese
3-8       Ted and Laura Voss, Breese
3-9       Tony and Melinda Frerker, Carlyle
3-10     Cooper Litteken, Salem
3-11     Katy Hitch, St. Louis MO
3-12     Michelle VanDorn, Breese
3-13     Taylor Thurston, Trenton
3-14     Ron Korte, East Dundee
3-15     Matt Thole, Aviston
3-16     Sue Szoke, Aviston
3-17     Duane and Melissa Richter, Breese
3-18     David Schmitz, Highlands Ranch CO
3-19     Bruce Rackers, O’Fallon
3-20     Linda Peach, Columbia
3-21     Theresa Voss, O’Fallon
3-22     Katie and Jacob Lievers, Edwardsville
3-23     Tegan Driscoll, Highland
3-24     Shannon Kahrhoff, Breese
3-25     Mike Luebbers, Hoffman
3-26     Irene Schuetz, Breese
3-27     Collins Gerstner, Trenton
3-28     Roberta Peduzzi, O’Fallon
3-29     Brenda Hustedde, Hendersonville TN
3-30     Ryan Goebel, Waterville ME
3-31     Luke and Rejina Tebbe, Aviston
$100     Denise Zappia, Highland
$500     Brad Brenton, Breese


Calendar Drawing Winners for February 2022
2-1       Dave Kassen, Damiansville
2-2       Clayton and Alicia Buehrle, Ballwin MO
2-3       Julie Wade, Aviston
2-4       Dan Broeckling, Belleville
2-5       Melissa Lampe, Breese
2-6       Duane Holzinger, Pocahontas
2-7       Brandy Hempen, Germantown
2-8       Mark Loepker, Carlyle
2-9       Dottie Wellinghoff, Breese
2-10     Corey and Jeanne Menkhaus, Damiansville
2-11     Frank Hogg, Aviston
2-12     Maria Gebke, Germantown
2-13     Kevin Gruender, Trenton
2-14     Robert Brandmeyer, Albers
2-15     Lainey Frierdich, O’Fallon
2-16     Artrena Cusimano, LaPlace LA
2-17     Julia Korte, Damiansville
2-18     Chris Robards, Highland
2-19     Carrie LaRobardier, Collinsville
2-20     Denise Berg, Rochelle
2-21     Don Litteken, Centralia
2-22     Jason and Adrienne Scott, Breese
2-23     Matt and Samantha Jansen, Damiansville
2-24     Larry and Cheryl Wobbe, Breese
2-25     Carolyn Winkeler, Bartelso
2-26     Dave and Connie Tebbe, Breese
2-27     Gerald Kampwerth, Carlyle
2-28     Lynn Billhartz, Carlyle
$100     Al and Donna Brauer, Germantown
$500     Kim Cryder, Trenton


Calendar Drawing Winners for January 2022
1-1       JoAnn Langenhorst, Aviston
1-2       Jeff and Kelly Schuchman, Germantown
1-3       Diane Palas, Trenton
1-4       Parker Dierkes, New Baden
1-5       Quinton Huelsmann, Bartelso
1-6       Evan Schuette, Breese
1-7       Chelsea Reeves, Greenville
1-8       Mark Kampwerth, Carlyle
1-9       Jason Koerkenmeier, St. Rose
1-10     Russ and Lisa Riebold, St. Jacob
1-11     Phil and Jill Beckmann, Breese
1-12     Alex Smith, Folsom CA
1-13     Tricia Horton, Fenton MO
1-14     Deb and Charlie Hartmann, Red Bud
1-15     Chris Kellermann, O’Fallon
1-16     Ryan Kampwerth, Aviston
1-17     Janet Venhaus, Breese
1-18     Joanne and Jeremy Snyder, Highland
1-19     Lee Sun Wing, Germantown
1-20     Kristen Toennies, Germantown
1-21     Miranda Miller, Bartelso
1-22     Marty and Kristi Johnson, Breese
1-23     Tia Golder, Breese
1-24     Jane Klostermann, Breese
1-25     Don Koch, Beckemeyer
1-26     Keaton Litteken, Salem
1-27     Anderson Wiegman, Pocahontas
1-28     Shana Adams, Breese
1-29     Tony and Deb Antonacci, Breese
1-30     Ron Peppenhorst, Highland
1-31     Nick Korte, Highland
$100    Chris and Mary Jo Guinn, Troy
$500    Mary Miesner, Breese