Calendar Drawing Winners

The 2020-2021 school year marks the 36th year for which the Mater Dei Calendar Drive has served as the cornerstone of our fundraising.  Therefore, it is the only fundraiser for which we request participation from all students.

For only $25 per calendar, a buyer will have 391 chances to win cash during each calendar year – $30 daily, $100 and $500 monthly, and $1,000 and $2,000 on December 31. 

To purchase a calendar, please visit our “How to Support MD – Calendar Drive” page for purchase options: Calendar Drive Purchase Options

We thank our supporters – those who sell and those who purchase – for their dedication to this essential fundraiser!  We also congratulate our recent calendar drawing winners (listed below)!


Calendar Drawing Winners for August 2021
8/1      Linda Solis, Aviston
8/2      Ruth Rieger, Highland
8/3      Bonnie Boeckman, Breese
8/4      Austyn Jansen, Albers
8/5      Donna Litteken, Trenton
8/6      Kurt Spihlmann, Albers
8/7      Donald Mueller, New Baden
8/8      Brad Phillips, Breese
8/9      Ben and Jan Gonzalez, Beckemeyer
8/10    Florence Arentsen, Albers
8/11    Bryan Gonzalez, Breese
8/12    Marla Langenhorst, Germantown
8/13    Katie Morris, St. Peters MO
8/14    Kathryn Raymond, Breese
8/15    Gabrielle Kramer, Damiansville
8/16    Bill and Shirley Oertel, Brighton
8/17    Emily Hemker, Germantown
8/18    Mark Huelskamp, Breese
8/19    Loretta Kreke, Carlyle
8/20    Pat and Miranda Miller, Bartelso
8/21    Diane Albers, Germantown
8/22    Emily and Melvin Banks, Ferguson MO
8/23    Chris Knibb, Des Peres MO
8/24    Debbie Workman, Highland
8/25    Brad and Jean Korte, Highland
8/26    Rich and Laura Kruep, Breese
8/27    Robert Becker, Highland
8/28    St. Anthony Parish – St. Ann Ladies Sodality, Beckemeyer
8/29    Andrew Winkeler, Highland
8/30    Evan Knolhoff, Carlyle
8/31    Paul Havrilka III, Walnut Hill
$100   James Deatherage, West Frankfort
$500   Kevin Smith, Kingston WA


Calendar Drawing Winners for July 2021
7/1     Barbara Weissenborn, New Baden
7/2     Ric and Barb Koopmann, Breese
7/3     Chris Sidwell, Germantown
7/4     Jim and Donna Lampe, Aviston
7/5     Rae Ann Gore, Salem
7/6     Elaine McNamara, Pocahontas
7/7     Kevin Voss, Carlyle
7/8     Joseph Schmitt, Trenton
7/9     Ashley Prange, Highland
7/10   Tina Tonnies, New Baden
7/11   Patrick and Stephanie Jansen, Breese
7/12   Barbara Butler, Springfield
7/13   John Zurliene, Carlyle
7/14   Jared Huelsmann, Aviston
7/15   Tara Arkebauer, Hillsboro
7/16   Dennis and Jeanette Rickhoff, Albers
7/17   Nancy Huelsmann, Breese
7/18   Margie Emig, Trenton
7/19   Joe Winkeler, Glen Carbon
7/20   Brenda Weiss, Highland
7/21   Brad Varel, Breese
7/22   Cheryl Loepker, Breese
7/23   Mike Biroschik, Aviston
7/24   Rich and Brenda Winkeler, Bartelso
7/25   Roman Kloeckner, Albers
7/26   Cheryl Tisdale, Mt. Vernon
7/27   Ivan Brandenburger, Belleville
7/28   Konor Book, Breese
7/29   Sarah and Keith Koopmann, Aviston
7/30   Mike and Brenda Toennies, Bartelso
7/31   Kent and Mary Kohrmann, Bartelso
$100  Donna Perez, Beckemeyer
$500  Mitchell Langenhorst, Breese