Calendar Drawing Winners

The 2018-2019 school year marks the 34th year for which the Mater Dei Calendar Drive has served as the cornerstone of our fundraising.  Therefore, it is the only fundraiser for which we request participation from all students.

For only $25 per calendar, a buyer will have 391 chances to win cash during the 2018 calendar year – $30 daily, $100 and $500 monthly, and $1,000 and $2,000 on December 31.  To purchase a calendar, please contact the office (618.526.7216).

We thank our supporters – those who sell and those who purchase – for their dedication to this essential fundraiser!  We also congratulate our recent calendar drawing winners (listed below)!

Calendar Drawing Winners for January 2019
1/1      Megan Clarkin, Highland
1/2      Kim Kueper, Breese
1/3      Ron and Kerry Foppe, Breese
1/4      Corey Huegen, Aviston
1/5      Donna Deien, Breese
1/6      Colleen Timmons, Germantown
1/7      Brett Kruep, Breese
1/8      Brandon Fuhler, Breese
1/9      Kelly Gray, Breese
1/10    Julie Siegler, Shiloh
1/11    Kim Haake, Bartelso
1/12    Steve Thole, Breese
1/13    Nick Musso, Virden
1/14    Sarah Mueller, Bartelso
1/15    Kim Schmitt, Albers
1/16    Morgan Dall, Germantown
1/17    Madelyn Timmermann, Breese
1/18    Brian Lampe, Copperas Cove, TX
1/19    Colby Linnemann, Faribault, MN
1/20    Kayla Mattson, Germantown
1/21    Aubrey Wiegmann, Breese
1/22    Bruce Rackers, O’Fallon
1/23    Jim Kauling, Collinsville
1/24    Terry Zeisset, Highland
1/25    Gary Thole, Aviston
1/26    Barb Hempen, Carlyle
1/27    St. Bernard Catholic Church, Albers
1/28    Nellie Wieter, Breese
1/29    Henry and Pat Detmer, Highland
1/30    Phillip Gall, Aviston
1/31    Donna Schroeder, Bartelso
$100     Jennifer Kalmer, Aviston
$500     Dolly Lampe, Breese

Calendar Drawing Winners for December 2018
12/01   Frank and Florence Hogg, Aviston
12/02   Kent and Lynn Beckmann, Bartelso
12/03   Amber Sweeten, Breese
12/04   Ethel Petermeyer, Carlyle
12/05   Sherri Haukap, Albers
12/06   Jane Tenfelder, Springfield
12/07   Barb Ratermann, Germantown
12/08   David Beckmann, Carlyle
12/09   Christy Bleisch, Belleville
12/10   Holly Busboom, Ludlow
12/11   Jode and Geri  Hughes, Trenton
12/12   David Barton, Highland
12/13   Ken and Karen Deerhake, Germantown
12/14   Joe and Sylvia Langhauser, Germantown
12/15   Jared Deerhake, Germantown
12/16   Bob Von Hatten, Lexington, KY
12/17   Jessica Haines, Odin
12/18   Carolyn Winkeler, Bartelso
12/19   Mary Grapperhaus, Carlyle
12/20   Karen Kues, Bartelso
12/21   Lorraine Zurliene, Breese
12/22   Theresa Wessel, Germantown
12/23   Natalie Souter, Silver Creek, NY
12/24   Connie Eversgerd, Bartelso
12/25   Irene Kruse, Bartelso
12/26   Henry Bergmann, Bartelso
12/27   Marcia Kirsch, Jamesville, NY
12/28   Mike and Kathy Huelsmann, Breese
12/29   Jeff and Lynn Timmermann, Germantown
12/30   John and Kim  Wieter, Albers
12/31   Corrie Kehrer, New Memphis
$100     Paul and Grace Goedde, Breese
$500     Shirley Albers, Damiansville
$1000   Susan McCray, Breese
$2000   Marvin and Janet Venhaus, Breese