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Lenten Reconciliation Services

Senior Courtney Abbott receives the Sacrament of Reconciliation from Fr. Pat Jakel of St. Paul Catholic Church in Highland.

Members of the Mater Dei community received the Sacrament of Reconciliation during our annual Lenten reconciliation services, which were held on March 29.  We thank our local priests for providing this opportunity!

Seniors Host Trivia Night for Service Project

Seniors (from left) Alyse Kloeckner, Anna Knebel, Maya Beckemeyer, Leann Huegen, Alyssa Ripperda, Emma Breiner and Rachel Zurliene hosted a trivia night to raise funds required for their senior service project.  For three weeks in January, the seniors, as well as a group of their parents, will travel to Louisiana to rebuild a home destroyed by flooding.

Reconciliation Service

Fr. George Mauck reads a passage during the Lenten Reconciliation Service at Mater Dei. The juniors and seniors attended the service in the morning and the freshmen and sophomores in the afternoon. Students had time to pray, reflect, and go to confession.

Fr. George Mauck reads a passage during the Lenten Reconciliation Service at Mater Dei. The juniors and seniors attended the service in the morning and the freshmen and sophomores in the afternoon. Students had time to pray, reflect, and go to confession.

Seniors Working in Joplin for Service Project

Senior service project Joplin 12-13

Making the trip to Joplin, MO, for their Senior Service project are several MD seniors, along with several parents, including (left to right) Marla Mensing, Michele Thole, Shannon Mensing, Jordan Becker, Holland Hempen, Bill Foppe, Luke Foppe, Kari Wiegmann, Connor Norrenberns, Adam Richter, Nathan Huelsmann, Amanda Huelsmann, Mike Martz, Addison Hustedde, Max Etter, Sue Martz, and Donna Becker, who are there to help repair and build homes. One mother who accompanied the students reported that the people in Joplin are always thanking the students for their help and that the Joplin staff has remarked how impressed it is with the Mater Dei students.

Seniors Complete Eucharistic Training

Mater Dei religion teacher Judy Kampwerth held Eucharistic minister training at Mater Dei for those seniors who chose to participate. Fifty- five seniors completed the training and are now able to be Eucharistic ministers in thier parishes.

Those who completed the training are: Emily Abbott, Hannah Albers, Jaynee Albers, Julia Billhartz, Karlie Boeckmann, Jessika Bossler, Ian Bruening, Luke Buchmiller, Grace Chairolanza, Liz Deeba, Kelsey Deien, Molly Fields, Amanda Fuehne, Amanda Gall, Clayton Gonsalves, Rachael Harper, Anna Hempen, Nick Hitpas, Jordan Hodges, Gabrielle Hoelscher, Quinton Huelsmann, Ariel Issak, Markie Johnson, Danielle Kalmer, Avoyanna Kampwerth, Mercedes Kent, Beth Klostermann, Paige Kniepmann, Lexi Kohnen, Logan Kuhl, Taylor Kuhl, Madeline Lager, Courtney Litteken, Brandon Loepker, Heather Maue, Jennifer Mioux, Walker Mondt, Abigail Niemeyer, Lindsey Perkes, Lindsay Ratermann, Blake Remmert, Rachel Ripperda, Kylee Rongey, Tyler Schrage, Hannah Schroeder, Liz Sudholt, Sydney Taylor, Jared Thole, Dominick Thomas, Noah Timmermann, Zoe Timmermann, Jonah Tonnies, Josh Wieter, and Olivia Zachry.


Class Retreats Planned

Being rooted in Catholic belief and tradition, Mater Dei accepts the responsibility, in partnership with parents, to foster faith and Christian values. Retreat days are an important part of this tradition. They offer students the time to reflect, pray, and discern the role that faith and commitment to its practice play in their lives.

Mr. Jim Darr of the Mater Dei Campus Ministry has announced that REAP Team from St. Louis will lead the junior and senior retreat days and the NET Team from St. Paul, Minnesota, will facilitate the retreat days for freshmen and sophomores. The classes will be divided in half with one half making its retreat on the first day and the other half of the class on the second day. Seniors girls will make their retreat on Monday, October 1, and senior boys will make their retreat on Tuesday, October 2. Sophomores Albers to Kitowski will make their retreat on Friday, October 12, and sophomores Koerkenmeier to Wuebbels will make their retreat on Tuesday, October 16. Freshmen Abert to Koopmann will make their retreat Wednesday, October 17, and freshmen Krebs to Wise will make their retreat on Thursday, October 18. On Monday, December 3, the junior girls will make their retreat and on Tuesday, December 4, the junior boys will make their retreat.

Senior Blessing

During the Immaculate Conception Mass, a blessing for a productive and safe senior service project was bestowed on the members of the senior class who will begin their service projects at the resumption of school in January.

Spanish Mass

On December 12, Fr. Vince Haselhorst visited Mater Dei to say the Mass in Spanish to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mrs. Bodinet’s Spanish I class, Mr. McNamara’s Spanish II class, and Mr. Wescovich’s Religion III class attended the Mass during period 4/5.

Sophomore Hayley Heimann read the First Reading, freshman Elizabeth Bishop read the Responsorial Psalm, and freshman Grant Toennies read the petitions, all in Spanish.

Also attending the Mass were Sr. Joan Stoverink, ASC, who helps with the Hispanic people in Damiansville, and Darlene Beer, who is an advocate for Hispanic Ministry for the North Central Deanery.

Fr. Vince Haselhorst reads the gospel in Spanish while students follow along at the Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe Mass held in the MD chapel.



Mrs. Bodinet (right) and the freshmen in her Spanish I class participate in the Spanish Mass.