Calendar Drawing Winners

Entering its 33rd year, the Mater Dei Calendar Drive serves as the cornerstone of our fundraising.  Therefore, it is the only fundraiser for which we request participation from all students.

For only $25 per calendar, a buyer will have 391 chances to win cash during the 2018 calendar year – $30 daily, $100 and $500 monthly, and $1,000 and $2,000 on December 31.  To purchase a calendar, please contact the office (618.526.7216).

We thank our supporters – those who sell and those who purchase – for their dedication to this essential fundraiser!  We also congratulate our recent calendar drawing winners (listed below)!

Calendar Raffle Winners for February 1-15, 2018
2/1         Matt Timmermann, Bartelso
2/2         Bill Corray, Highland
2/3         Slim Trame, Trenton
2/4         Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hummert, Chatham
2/5         Ronnie Jourdan, Centralia
2/6         Fr. James Blazine, Belleville
2/7         Aggie Becker, Breese
2/8         Diane Hegger, Aviston
2/9         Jacob Faust, Breese
2/10       Becky Kenow, Germantown
2/11       Arlene Korte , Damiansville
2/12       Theresa Hacker, Centralia
2/13       Brian Kloeckner, Breese
2/14       Kara Ratermann, Breese
2/15    Gary Litteken, Aviston

Calendar Drawing Winners for January 2018
1/1      Sophia Kenow, Germantown
1/2      Carol Fritch, Breese
1/3      Lisa Wessel, Carlyle
1/4      Bob and Laurie Perkes, Decatur
1/5      Darlene Beer, Germantown
1/6      Barb Koetting, Germantown
1/7      Corey Menkhaus, Damiansville
1/8      Lynn Rinella, Aviston
1/9      Dolores Gerdes, Bartelso
1/10    Sal Macaluso, Lebanon
1/11    Jackie Reeves, Breese
1/12    John Attaway, Germantown
1/13    Bones and Darlene Toennies, Damiansville
1/14    Dan and Lee Love, Albers
1/15    Betty Robben, Carlyle
1/16    Brad Voss, Breese
1/17    Deb Wright, Canton
1/18    Joe McNamara, Breese
1/19    Jenny Rakers, Trenton
1/20    Sarah Hader, Troy
1/21    John Jansen, Macungie PA
1/22    Mike and Karla Huelsmann, Bartelso
1/23    Joan Christ, Trenton
1/24    Louis Varel, Bartelso
1/25    Brian and Alison Holtmann, Breese
1/26    Blake Zobrist, Winston-Salem NC
1/27    Sharon Burke, Bartelso
1/28    Darren Wise, Breese
1/29    Debbie Benhoff, St. Rose
1/30    Elaine Lampe, Breese
1/31    Kevin and Jenny Santel, Bartelso
$100     Rusty Bateman, Breese
$500     Barb Bellm, Highland