Graduation Requirement: 4 credits and Senior Service Project 

For complete descriptions of the courses, please review the 2017-2018 Curriculum Guide

Year Long Course – 1 Credit
Faith Formation Teacher (selected seniors serve as Faith Formation teachers in local elementary schools)

Semester Courses – 0.5 Credit
Theology I: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture
Theology I: Human Sexuality
Theology II: Who is Jesus Christ?
Theology II: The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)
Theology III: Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church
Theology III: Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ
Theology IV: Life in Jesus Christ
Theology IV: Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Society

Service Requirements
An essential aspect of our Mission is to provide an opportunity for our students to both learn to serve and serve to learn. Therefore, in addition to performing service as a school community, our students perform individual service.  Through their service experiences, our students develop self-confidence, become aware of the needs of others, and recognize the many ways they can serve others with the talents God has graciously given them.

More specifically, our freshman, sophomore, and junior students perform twelve hours of service aligned with the Corporal Works of Mercy each year.  Our senior students complete a three-week Senior Service Project in January, during which they respond to the needs of others at a variety of locations in Clinton County, the greater metro-east area, and St. Louis, including day care centers, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, civil agencies, and social agencies.