Sophomore Year


Students continue to take courses to meet graduation requirements and prepare for junior year.

Standardized Tests

All sophomores take the PLAN test. This test is administered at Mater Dei in September or October.

The PSAT is administered at Mater Dei in October. This test is optional and is primarily for juniors, but it is recommended for sophomores enrolled in the honors classes.

Class Advisor

The class advisor monitors the students’ academic performance. The class advisor assists students as they register for classes for junior year.

Dual Credit Classes

As students register for classes for junior year, they should keep in mind the dual credit classes available to them. These courses include Speech, Advanced Computer Applications, Accounting, Networking, and Marketing (with Small Business Management).

Guidance Department

Students meet with the guidance counselor to review PLAN test results. Their PLAN and EXPLORE results are compared, and their current GPA/class rank are evaluated in relation to the composite score on each test. The Personal Inventory on the PLAN is compared to the one on the EXPLORE. In addition, the four-year plan is reviewed by the counselor and students.