Senior Year


Students take the remaining courses needed for graduation and college entrance.

Standardized Tests

Students may choose to retake the ACT in September, October, or December to improve their scores.

Information Nights

Students again have the opportunity to attend the College Fair held at Mater Dei in October. Representatives from more than thirty colleges will be available to provide information and answer questions.

A Financial Aid Night is also held at Mater Dei in October. Learn about the types of aid available and the FAFSA.

College Visits

Students are allotted two college visit days during their senior year. These days are not counted as days absent from school. Students need to request a college visit day through the guidance department. Please refer to the student handbook for procedures regarding college visits. During your college visit, make sure you ask about academic programs that interest you, scholarship possibilities, and financial aid.

Applying to Colleges

Students should begin applying to colleges in the early Fall. Colleges have various deadlines for applications, and many colleges have a December 1 deadline for internal scholarship eligibility.

Letters of Recommendation

Many college applications and most scholarship applications require one or more letters of recommendation. Allow enough time for the letter writer to compose an impressive recommendation. Completing a letter of recommendation form (available in the office or from the teacher) is very helpful to the individual writing your recommendation.  Remember to thank the people who took the time to write a recommendation for you.

Class Advisor

The class advisor monitors the students’ progress and reviews their transcripts to ensure they have all the required courses to graduate.

Guidance Department

The counselor will discuss post-graduation plans with the students. The students and counselor will discuss their status in the college application process. Transcripts will be sent to the schools to which the students are applying. Scholarship information is made available to students. Students should also look for business, community, and organizational scholarships available to them.


At the end of the school year, Mater Dei will send a final transcript to the school students designated as the one they will attend. Students need to be sure the guidance office has the correct school on record.

Students who completed dual credit classes through Kaskaskia College need to contact KC to have a transcript of those courses sent to the college they will attend.

If students plan to attend a two-year school followed by a four-year school, make sure the classes taken will transfer.